Will Procrastination Destroy Your Online Success?

Procrastination Fear of Success 300x185 Will Procrastination Destroy Your Online Success?
Get On With Your Success – No More Excuses – Stop Procrastination!

Procrastination is putting off what you can do right now.  So why do you procrastinate when you know working your online business will bring success and make your dreams come true?

Top 3 Excuses For Procrastinating:

1) Fear of Success - You dream it, you want it and you can’t wait for the day you reap success through your business.  So what are you afraid of?

Fear of success is more common than you think.  People that fear success generally have great ideas, are intelligent, and hard working.  Some will get to a point where they need to complete a sales page, setting up a shopping cart or even sending out that promotional email.  There can be many reasons for this, and that is why if you have a fear of success, you must try to overcome it.

2) I Don’t Know Enough - Even the most successful online entrepreneurs had to start from somewhere.  No one ‘knows it all’ and if they say they do, then run!

Once you have established your market niche, every day learn something about your products or services.  This will increase your knowledge and experience.  Then begin to write about what you learn.  You build your expertise, you are not born with it.

3) Someone Is Already Doing That - I learned a long time ago that even if we all decided to sell or promote Dog Training, that no one person would receive all the sales.  Why?  Because we all would take different paths on how you market your products, your personality and your imagination is what creates all of our unique paths.

No two paths would ever be the same.  In other words, we are all like a star in the universe – no two are alike!