Social Media Madness Update: Stay Focused Stay Sane!

Social Media Marketing Madness Stay Sane 300x200 Social Media Madness Update: Stay Focused Stay Sane!

My recent post How Are You Managing Social Media Madness brought up some very good points.  The discussion is a good one if you still want to jump in.

I also shared this with my Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter followers.  With all the comments receive to date, I have a broader view of what some of us are going through and wanted to share what I have learned so far:

  • There are many that are completely overwhelmed with social media and how to implement and utilize for their business.
  • There are some that are so overwhelmed they have actually got off Facebook or Twitter and some won’t even get onto Google+, well, at least not for now. 
  • The majority all seemed to agree that having a plan, knowing which social site is best for you, your industry and your audience and staying focused is key.

As we move along in our online business, I know how important social media can play a huge role in building awareness, increase the number of visitors to our site and the chance of engaging those visitors to turn them around into paying customers.  So what is the best way to ‘manage’ social media marketing madness?

I would like to share my good ebiz associate and friend, Melanie Kissell – Solo Mompreneur that offered this advice and so expressively stated:

“It’s not humanly possible to
spread yourself thin across ten or twelve social media venues and participate
in a meaningful way. People who try to do that end up neglecting other
important business-building activities and don’t end up building the kinds of
rock solid relationships they need in order to grow their business.

I think the only way to “stop the madness” is to “stop yourself
in your tracks” and do a personal social media assessment. Then pick three
or four social media venues that you’re going to include in your marketing plan
and work those consistently.”

Maybe it is time to step back and currently assess the social media marketing sites we are currently on and how it relates to our business.  What do you think?

Always appreciate your thoughts, comments, ideas and suggestions – so feel free to share!


Oh and if anyone wants some good tips on Google+, Daphne Bousquet – Event Strategy Solutions … shares this on her recent post Get Visibility With Google+ – you should go and check that out on her blog.


Wishing you and your business much Success!

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How to Add Google Adsense for Content to your Blog

Google Adsense for Content thumb 150x150 How to Add Google Adsense for Content to your Blog If you are looking for additional income from your site, you might want to consider Google Adsense for Content.  Google provides this program for advertisers and publishers (you) where you put ads on your site and get paid every time someone clicks on it!

Of course you should have an established site with good traffic to start building your Adsense income.  If you don’t have a site, I recommend you look at setting up your blog right away.  With a good social media marketing plan, you will build awareness about your site so that visitors and traffic start streaming in.

Google Adsense for Content displays ads that are relevant and pertain to your page or blog post. This is good news for you!   Your visitors won’t become annoyed with these ads simply because they pertain to the subject matter.  While you are providing more value to your visitor, Adsense is providing you another income stream! 

Google Adsense for Content is easy to set up and configures easily into your blog or site.


Video: How to Add Google Adsense for Content to your Blog


Except – There are 3 things to look out for:

1.  Don’t expect to make a lot of  money unless you have traffic streaming into your site.  Remember, you only get paid when your visitor clicks on the ad.  However, not everyone coming to your site will do this.  And the amount or percentage that you make per click can be very low.  Sometimes it can be .02 cents.  But because it is a plugin and go type of feature, you will be happy to see that $100 every now and then once your site starts rolling in the traffic!

There are some marketers out there that have 10, 15, 20 or more blogs!  Just think when they have Adsense going on every one of those blogs.  That can add up!

2.  Do NOT click on your own ads.  And also, do NOT have your friends and family click on the ads either.  With Google’s algorithms they will penalize or even cancel your account for doing this.  After all, they do not charge you to set up an account.  Just follow the rules when you set up your Google Adsense account and everything will be fine.

3.  Keep it professional so your visitors keep coming back.  Nothing worse than every paragraph is Google Adsense ads.  There are some bloggers that like to ‘trick’ their audience where it looks like it is part of the paragraph.  That can be frustrating to your visitor and worse, they can get frustrated enough not to ever return to your site again.  So keep it professional, tactful, tasteful and you will reap the rewards for that.

Let’s hear from you.  Do you currently have Adsense ads on your blog or site?  Share your thoughts …. and let me know if my video was helpful in getting you started with your Google Adsense for Content ads.

Make it a productive and successful day!

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