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LinkedIn Endorsement 200x300 LinkedIn EndorsementNew And Easy To Use LinkedIn Endorsement Feature


As we know, social media plays a huge role in online businesses.  Even those fairly new to the Internet business world have heard about the importance social media plays in boosting visibility for you, your business, products or services.  The question is, “Are you simply promoting you, your business or your products — over and over again — or are you utilizing social media to enrich others and create a cooperative community?”

“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.”  ~ Sally Koch (click to tweet)


Challenge yourself to assist others. While it may seem odd and counter-intuitive, keep reading and you will gain a deeper understanding about how promoting others helps improve your success as well.

-I am a great advocate of endorsement marketing.


What Is Endorsement Marketing?


I’m sure many friends or colleagues have shared stories about a fabulous meal they had at a restaurant or animatedly described a movie they recently viewed. These glowing recommendations are the simplest form of endorsement marketing.

Call it “word of mouth,” “buzz marketing” or whatever you wish. The best way to gain recognition is for others to endorse you, your business, products or services.


Endorsement marketing is a formal way of educating others about what you experienced and why you’ve chosen to promote a certain business or entrepreneur.


Top 3 Effective Methods Of Endorsement Marketing


Recently, LinkedIn added a new feature that enables you to endorse a contact’s skills and/or expertise. This does not replace recommendations, but it is a wonderful way to recognize others with a simple click – an easy and effective method of endorsement marketing.

Check out My YouTube Video and learn how to start endorsing your contacts.

Twitter or Facebook:

Those of you that regularly visit my blog have seen the following advice many times — “Be a Giver First.” I truly believe the most important aspect of social media is sharing and promoting the efforts of others. Championing others demonstrates an aspect of leadership confident business professionals understand.

When promoting other small business owners or entrepreneurs on Twitter or Facebook, you’re cultivating attention for them. At the same time, the audience notes your presence in the endorsement marketing. You are actually creating a community built upon affirmations, which, ultimately, spark a desire to learn even more about you! It’s a “win – win” prospect in an industry saturated with so much advertising, promotion and marketing it can make you dizzy!

Go ahead…LIKE a Facebook Fan Page…FOLLOW others on Twitter and RE-TWEET some of their information. You will be astounded by the amount of activity that, alone, will generate.

Offline Promotion:

Time to start talking! If you’re at a store, taking a walk or attending a community event…leave your shyness at home. Sharing information, in person, about other online or offline business is the finest form of endorsement marketing.

Share some of your favorite websites or first-rate products you found at local stores. It is a great conversation starter and encourages others to share similar information. Use endorsement marketing to ‘break the ice’ and meet new people.


Don’t be afraid that endorsing others will hurt your business. It accomplishes quite the opposite effect. Supporting others through endorsement marketing increases your visibility as well as the business you’re endorsing. Take action…endorse a few of your contacts and watch what happens!

May your generosity of spirit be rewarded with health, wealth & happiness!


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LinkedIn Connects Business People For Success

LinkedIn Groups1 300x298 LinkedIn Connects Business People For Success

LinkedIn Connects People

LinkedIn is a network of business people helping each other through a growing social network comprised primarily of business owners, making it unique and different from other popular networks. LinkedIn allows business owners to forge essential connections for business success.


In business, the foremost reasons for using social networks are to gain leads and connect with people who can enhance your success. When using LinkedIn, you are mingling with people like you…business owners.


LinkedIn is not the leading social network, but is definitely a worthwhile investment of your time. I know you have heard me say that time and time again, but it is true!  Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is a social spot for business owners, providing an opportunity to network with other business owners. LinkedIn is a forum where like minds come together for solutions.

After becoming a LinkedIn member, business owners can join groups and discussions according to common industries, areas or topics of interest. Exchanging ideas and collaborating with others is an invaluable tool! Gone are the days of traveling from site to site, seeking answers and/or leads for your growing business. Your entire social networking needs can be found in one place…LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Groups

“Basic” members can join a total of 50 groups, permitting the ability to explore an abundance of various interests within a range of groups. By joining multiple groups, you are sure to find the right mix of interests and knowledge to support your type of business.


I found the most valuable groups don’t spend an inordinate amount of time talking about their own business. You definitely want to belong to vital groups that brainstorm ideas and help build leads. Great groups will discourage those who only want to promote themselves.


Connections begin immediately upon joining a group and getting to know the business owners in that group. Giving/sharing with the group is what it is all about. You are not there to simply extract the advantages, but to give something back in return. Offer a brief introduction, let them know you are new to LinkedIn and, when there is opportunity, submit your own valuable input.


Topic Groups

After mastering the art of contributing to groups in a meaningful way, you should then consider starting a topic group of your own. Take the leap…share valuable information on a specific topic. Form a topic group and invite everyone and anyone that can relate to your topic.  Don’t discount the value of sharing with your competition as well! Collaboration is what LinkedIn is all about; there is something for everyone, so don’t hold back.


All it takes to connect, in a meaningful way, on LinkedIn is to make a habit of establishing new connections every business day. Reach out and give a little, gain a bit, share a piece of your life and watch how this assists your business expand to new heights.


Remember, the way to amplify and augment your business is to get connected! LinkedIn is an essential tool for accomplishing this task. Business owners “gather” with like-minded people, gain information, form friendships and create leads. LinkedIn is your one-stop-shop for superior social networking.


So…have I convinced you about the power of LinkedIn? If you’ve never utilized this platform, now is the time to dive in. If you previously used LinkedIn but set it aside, promise me to jump back on board and join a few LinkedIn groups!  As always, feel free to share your insight below.


To your continued online business success!

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Top 10 Reasons to Take a Quantum Leap in 2012

Quantum Leap for Success 200x300 Top 10 Reasons to Take a Quantum Leap in 2012
In case you missed it,
yesterday began a Fantastic Expert Series … Take A Quantum Leap in 2012 was kicked off by my good online business colleague, Yvonne A. Jones.  Yvonne is an amazing online marketer and her experience has led her to put together this series that will benefit everyone that wants to improve their business for 2012.

One of the great things that she has put together is this FREE tele-summit. She has 10 Experts (including me!) to help you make this your best year yet! I personally know many of the other experts and I have to say, they are fantastic professionals and super knowledgeable. I consider many of them not just my peers, but my mentors!

Martha Giffen started off the series with Blogging Your Way To Online Success and Beyond.  Every week now, Yvonne will be hosting and speaking with us on various topics. I will be talking about Linkedin. Check out this line-up:

  • Martha Griffen – Blogging Your Way To Online Success and Beyond
  • Paul Taubman – WordPress And You
  • Connie Ragen Green – Article Marketing
  • Helen Raptoplous – Taking Consistent Action In 2012 -10 Ideas To Move You Forward
  • Donna Blevins – Mindset
  • Michele Scism – Your Facebook Fan Page Strategy in 3 Easy Steps
  • Michelle Shaeffer – Twitter
  • Lynn Brown – How To Get Linkedin To Be Your Ultimate Social Connection Magnet
  • Patti Pilling – Weight Management and the Internet Marketer
  • Yvonne A Jones – Leveraging the Power of Social Media to Enhance Customer Service

What a group!

If you take away one point from each call and apply it in your business, you will be able to take that giant leap and accelerate your business success.

You can sign up for all these free calls over at: Take A Quantum Leap 2012

Taking a quantum leap in your business means that you take decisive action to increase or grow your business in 2012 and beyond.

Look forward to seeing you on the calls!

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Linkedin Tags for Your Connections

Linkedin Tags for Connections 300x225 Linkedin Tags for Your ConnectionsIs there really a good reason for organizing your social media sites?  I think so.  If you started organizing your friends, followers and contacts from the beginning, then you know how easy it is to specifically communicate within these lists or groups.

Facebook has the Friend Lists, Twitter has Group Lists, Google+ has Circles … AND Linkedin has Tags!

Yup, you may or may not know that Linkedin has a feature to organize your contacts by assigning tags to your connections.  You are allowed up to 200 unique tags that help you to filter connections for your specific needs.

I suggest you use your keywords when setting up your list of tags.  Also, your contacts can have multiple tags.  This can be helpful when you are ready to do some target marketing within the different areas of your business.

If you have been on Linkedin for a while and didn’t know about this feature, don’t worry, because even though it could be time consuming (depending on how many connections you have), it is easy to add tags to your contacts.

I show you how to start adding Linkedin tags in my How To video:

Was this a helpful tip?  Will you be implementing these tags for your Linkedin connections?  Please let me know and leave your comments below.

Make it a Successful Day!
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Be Creative with your Linkedin Profile Location

Marketing Success Street Signs 300x233 Be Creative with your Linkedin Profile Location
The largest professional social site on the planet, Linkedin, continues to be a huge factor when it comes to building awareness about your business, your credibility, making connections with others within your industry and a great resource for getting in front of your potential clients or customers.

An important factor when using Linkedin
, is to have a 100% complete profile that not only includes your keywords but also incorporates your flair and creativity to grab attention and get noticed!

Here is a tip that will help your profile to stand out from the crowd:

1)  Go to your Linkedin Profile, Edit area.

2)  Scroll down to your Experience section.

3)  Starting with your first position, click on the edit link.

4)  This will take you into an area where you can add or change your ‘location’.

Linkedin Location Edit Screen 300x237 Be Creative with your Linkedin Profile Location









This Location field provides an opportunity to tailor helpful information for your visitors.

Adding in terms like ‘In computers everywhere!’ or ‘Brick and Mortar Shop located 2 blocks off Main Street and Center Avenue’ …. brings attention and makes your profile stand out.

So go for it!  Be creative and think out of the box by adding in a description about your location that is eye catching and in turn is all part of helping your visitor learn more about your business.

(View my Step-by-Step Video)

Don’t forget to share your questions or comments below,

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The Linkedin tips that I share, require that your Linkedin profile be 100% complete, properly optimized and implemented.  Check out my recently re-recorded webinar – The 10 Missing Links Affecting Your Linkedin Profile — gain immediate tips and techniques to apply to your profile today!


Linkedin Quick Tip – Engage with Your Connections

There are so many amazing features on Linkedin

which help you engage and spark potential business.   Whatever your marketing plans are, they should always include social strategies with those prospective clients and customers.

This can be accomplished through consistently returning comments on your blog, social sites- like Twitter and Facebook, but now you can engage with those that accept your Linkedin invitation to join your network.  I put together a short video that gives you one of these ideas which is also a cool feature of Linkedin:

Let me know your thoughts on this tip and share any others that you would add.

Wishing you and your business much Success!
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A Secret LinkedIn Marketing Tactic To Increase Website Exposure

Secret Linkedin Tactic 300x189 A Secret LinkedIn Marketing Tactic To Increase Website ExposureAs an online marketer
, you know the marketing value
of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter – but have you ever stopped to consider LinkedIn marketing as one of your best online assets?

There’s no denying that LinkedIn is an underutilized social networking site.  Many online marketers aren’t sure of what to make of it, so they instead use it as a place to publish their credentials and add serious clout to their online marketing efforts.  While this is a great LinkedIn marketing tactic, there’s another way to use LinkedIn that can seriously up the ante on your online efforts…

…Use it for SEO purposes.

LinkedIn has an incredibly high PR ranking (the measurement Google uses to quantify the value of websites); that means that information contained on your LinkedIn profile will often place higher than that of your own website.

With this in mind, it’s incredibly vital to optimize your LinkedIn profile with your most powerful keywords.  Don’t use up this valuable online space as a resume; instead, optimize it with keywords, insert content-rich descriptions of yourself and your online business, and link back to your own website.  Not only does this move place you higher in search engine rankings for your keyword, but it also directs high-value SEO juice back to your website, thus increasing its search engine rankings as well.

When it comes to successful online marketing, be sure this secret LinkedIn marketing tactic plays a key role in your overall SEO efforts.

I am putting on the finishing touches to my Linkedin training program that will knock your socks off!  Well…. at least I think it will!!

Let me know if you would be interested in discovering the in’s and out’s  and how easy it is to fully complete and optimize your Linkedin profile — which will boost your ranking and make you more searchable and findable by your audience….

Wishing you and your business much Success!
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Getting To Know — What is LinkedIn?

Linkedin What is Linkedin 300x199 Getting To Know    What is LinkedIn?Linkedin is a powerful social paltform which to date, has more than 100 million members.

It’s known as the social network for professionals.  However, with the increase of small online business, up-and-coming entrepreneurs and specific service professionals, Linkedin has become a major player in building social visibility online.

LinkedIn allows you to reconnect with past colleagues, and get connections that will boost your career. There is also a platform where you can ask experts questions and get real answers.

It all began in May of 2003, and nearly 5,000 people joined the network within the first month. Now there are over 1 million new members every week. There are countless potential connections for you.

Benefits of LinkedIn:

  • Job seekers are more likely to find a job when working with LinkedIn connections.
    The more connections you have, the better.
  • Fortune 500 members are on LinkedIn! Get connected to the big dogs.
  • You’ll be seen by more people with each connection. Your profile will show up in your
    connections’ profiles. This will help bring in new connections.
  • List your current and past employment, activities, awards, education, and any
  • Make your profile searchable online to increase your Google PageRank. Just make your
    profile public and select Full View to make your profile searchable.
  • Increase traffic to your blog or website. Add links and description for backlinks to
    your profile for increased search engine optimization.
  • Check your employer’s information before you start working for them. Find
    commonalities with you and your interviewee so you have something to talk about
    during the interview.

LinkedIn is an amazing social media network for every professional, business owner or entrepreneur and it is free to join. The features of LinkedIn is far better than any other social media marketing network out there.  

Linkedin has been my favorite and most important social site which has helped me to grow and boost my online business in a whole new direction.  Please visit my new YouTube channel: Linkedin Marketing Mgr to subscribe for ongoing video tips and techniques that will help you to learn more about Linkedin for your business.

Would like to hear how Linkedin is helping your business.  Ask me any burning questions about Linkedin, I would like to help you get more out of Linkedin for you and your business.

Wishing you and your business much Success!

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How Are You Managing Social Media Madness


This is a great time to be an online entrepreneur with the benefit of exploding your business in a fairly quick time because of all the social media sites, right?

Maybe it is just too fast!  I have been reading, listening and chatting with others about all the social media sites we are using for our business.  The benefits are wonderful to be able to meet so many people within your industry.  Connections, relationships and building clients and customers are a huge part of what social media marketing provides.

BUT …. are we getting too many sites?  Seems every time you turn around, someone is sending an invite yet to another social site.

I was just reading today an amazing article written by my very good online ebiz associate, Peter Masters, of The MarketingM8 Blog, Social media time management and Google +. Social media satire 19

In the article, Peter starts out saying ”The amount of new social media developments in the news is mind boggling and have you noticed that no one mentions social media being a fad any more?”  In fact, he jokes about ‘fad’ being the F word no one is talking about anymore.  I believe it is because we are all way too busy trying to keep up with the ‘social media madness’!

He wonders how we all find the time to stay up with these social sites since we all can agree, there are only so many hours in each day.  (Read the rest of his article)

I would like to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on how do you manage your social media madness?

Also, please visit my video and give it a like so others may contribute their thoughts over there as well. 

0 How Are You Managing Social Media Madness


Wishing you and your business much Success!

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Linkedin Groups Will Rock Your World

Raving Fans 300x255 Linkedin Groups Will Rock Your WorldIt is amazing how many people I have been talking to over the last couple of months about Linkedin that have a Linkedin account, but are not using it.


Almost everyone are telling me it is too confusing to figure out Linkedin or they believe it is just for job seekers, recruiters or big corporations.


So here is a quick and easy tip you can do today.

Join 3 groups on Linkedin. That’s right!  Go where others discuss and talk about your industry, product or service.  Answer questions with your expertise or knowledge – Start a discussion and get your audience engaged and talking.

Check out all the different ways you can search for groups that are within your market niche or interest.  If demographics is important, you can search for your area.  Linkedin Groups Search 150x150 Linkedin Groups Will Rock Your World

Linkedin Groups alone can be the most effective marketing tool for your online business success.  It is amazing just how many people you can reach.

For Example:  I currently belong to 14 groups within my market niche.  There are a total of 201,500 members!  But if you factor in friends of friends that I could reach through my connections, I have the potential of connecting with over 8 million users!

Now that is something to get excited about, right?

So if you do nothing else with Linkedin, get into some groups.  Will you do that today?

As always, wishing you and your business much Success! 

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Linkedin Social Media Myth Revealed

Money on the Table 300x255 Linkedin Social Media Myth Revealed

I call it social media madness! So many social media sites and platforms that can overwhelm even the most experienced online marketing entrepreneur. However, these social sites — like — Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and have you checked out Empire Avenue yet?!…. have proven to take businesses to the next level.

But there is a social media myth out there that I wanted to reveal. I can’t tell you how many times I hear …. “Linkedin is not for me.”

That is just plain wrong! In fact, if you are not using Linkedin in marketing your business, products or services – then you are leaving money on the table.

Linkedin has been for job seekers and job recruiters.  Large and small companies and corporations  use Linkedin when finding and recruiting executives.  While that is still true today, it is also true that Linkedin provides small online business and entrepreneurs with a huge platform for leveraging knowledge, ideas and opportunities.  Linkedin, in my opinion, is the elite social professional site to build your business with high credibility.  Build connections, alliances and more important, gain acceptance as an expert in your business.  This alone will attract more visitors to you, gain your trust and turn them into customers or clients.

The key to using Linkedin successfully, will be determined on the proper set up of your Linkedin profile.  This includes the appropriate  keywords, optimization and completeness of your information.

NEW– those of you wanting to gain more knowledge about Linkedin and its tremendous features, should visit and subscribe to my new YouTube channel – Linkedin Marketing Manger.  I will be personally sharing lots of tips, info and what I like to call my Linkedin Likes!

Recent comment from one of my online business associates:

“Hi Lynn, I agree with you and being a member of LinkedIn I do see the power in it. My problem is I just don’t spend as much time building relationships there as I should be. Thanks for this video and great reminder that I need to get back there and participate more.”   Richard Petrillo –


Is there one thing about Linkedin that you would like to know more about?  Please share it here ….. thank you!

Use LinkedIn to Find Collaborative Partners to Keep Your Pipelines Full

Successful business team 200x300 Use LinkedIn to Find Collaborative Partners to Keep Your Pipelines FullRelationships really do matter on LinkedIn.  Every person that you connect with on LinkedIn, has access to thousands of other business people who are prospective cross marketing partners that can introduce you to their clients.  Save time marketing on LinkedIn by pitching win-win collaborative relationships to keep your pipelines full.  Instead  of trying to sell your products and services to your connections, invite them to team up to share the cost and time of marketing by providing each others’ clients with supplemental products and services.

LinkedIn members are looking for more business.  Provide them with a way to cross pollinate clients without jeopardizing their bottom-line and they will quickly accept your offer to collaborate.  Business cross pollination is the practice of expanding the marketing of a business through a non-traditional collaboration with another business.  Research your connections to uncover ways to grow your client base together.

Make notes about the business organizations they belong to, charities they support, education, products and services and more so you can develop a strategic approach when contacting them to discuss collaborating.  If their favorite charity is the American Heart Association, offer to donate a portion of sales generated from your collaboration to the AMA. Offer ways they can collaborate with you.  Most people want to form collaborative partnerships but they have no idea how to set things in motion.  Use the sample message below as a guide.

Hi Bob,

Thanks again for connecting with me on LinkedIn.  I use LinkedIn as a tool to find collaborative business partners.  If you are open to researching ways we can cross pollinate our clients to boost our bottom-lines, please let me know.  I have several key marketing projects that you may be interested in partnering on as well.

I will be exhibiting at a major expo in Los Angeles, sending out a printed newsletter to 2,000 small businesses, and launching a new blog.  Contact me if you would like to receive more info about the projects via email or prefer to speak on the phone.

Your name


About the Author:  Michael Silvers is the Director of Coaching at Peak Potentials Training ( Michael’s career and experience span a variety of professional roles over the last 20 years that have been oriented towards the development of personal and professional achievement. He has excelled in leading and developing teams and individuals to achieve peak performance and had helped thousands of individuals create the wealth and engineer the lifestyle they truly desire.  Connect with Michael on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Secrets – 3 Reasons Why Most Small Business Owners Fail To Attract Clients Using LinkedIn

Networking with People 300x200 LinkedIn Secrets – 3 Reasons Why Most Small Business Owners Fail To Attract Clients Using LinkedInThere are over 80 million influential professionals from over 200 countries on LinkedIn that can become your potentials customers. In fact, LinkedIn’s membership is what Neilson Online is calling “The world’s largest audience of affluent, influential professionals” as you will find executives from all Fortune 500 companies there. Plus, you will find experienced professionals from large and small companies and every type of business and industry imaginable.

So, why aren’t you able to attract more clients? Why is no one connecting with you?

Out of the 80 million professionals, there are only a few internet marketers and companies that are successfully getting more clients each and every single day from LinkedIn. Below, you will find out their secrets to attracting clients that are ready, willing and able to invest in their products or services.

3 Reasons Why You Are Not Attracting More Clients and Making More Money with LinkedIn

Reason #1 – You are waiting for prospects to come to you

Clients who are willing to pay for your products and services will not just fall into your lap.  As an entrepreneur you have to make it part of your job to go out and find them.

Think of it this way, who is the interested party in this situation:

You or the person who doesn’t even know they know they need your services or products.

You have to be the one the take charge and find your prospects. Here are a few ways to easily engage with others on LinkedIn…

  • Update your status message daily.
  • Start a vigorous discussion in various groups that you belong to. This will enable you to prove your expertise in your given area.
  • Answer questions on the Q & A Boards. This will show your experience and help you become a thought leader

Reason #2 –You fail to take advantage of LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 groups – where you can network, join conversations and show prospects that you have the answers to their problems. Yet, most small business owners and internet marketers do not actively seek groups that they should belong to.

If they do join groups they make these two mistakes:

  1. They become a member of a group – but they sit there like a lump on the log. How can you expect prospects to come to you if you do not take the time to make yourself heard?
  2. They join groups where there are like members.  Let me put it to you this way, do you want to be a member of a group that is full of your competition or do you want to belong to a group that is full of people who could turn out to be your prospects.  It sounds pretty obvious to me that you would want to be where your prospects are. But many entrepreneurs fail to think outside the box and strictly join groups based on their field of expertise.

Another way, to take advantage of LinkedIn groups is to create your own group. This is the absolute best way to create your own community of followers. You are the one who is in charge of the type of content that is posted. You can make sure what you have to say is heard and you have the power to control your own group.  From my experience, many group members religiously check out what is being discussed in the groups they find the most useful.  Why can’t your group be one of them?

Reason #3 – Failure to Create Content and Distribute it to the Different Groups

Eric Gruber (My Partner at and Founder of Article Marketing Experts) belongs to 50 different groups. Now, if each of the 50 groups has at least 1,000 members, then each time he submits content, he is getting his content in front of 50,000 potential clients – just with a couple clicks of the mouse.

So, you need to create content that…

  • Proves your expertise
  • Sparks controversy and debate
  • Gets people talking
  • Entices prospects to visit your blog and website
  • Motivates prospects to take action (using your products or services of course)

Just by avoiding these common LinkedIn mistakes, you will begin to build your list of connections and prospects. Continue the conversation – and you will turn these prospects into paying customers and clients.

Now the three mistakes I outlined in this article is part of a larger special report where I detail 14 LinkedIn mistakes and the opportunities you are missing. You can get it for free at:


About the Author: LinkedIn Expert, Kristina Jaramillo creates online marketplace opportunities for small business owners who want more website traffic, prospects and profits. Now, with her free special report, you can uncover how you can become “the trusted source for your industry on LinkedIn” and along with easy ways to gain more connections fast by avoiding the top 14 mistakes. Get this information for free at:

LinkedIn Profile Tips

Computer Connecting to Business 300x195 LinkedIn Profile TipsAs with any other social site, your profile is a very important feature.  Why? It provides key words and information about you and your business to make it easier for people to find and connect with you.


I have been learning and noticing how important it is for your LinkedIn profile to be:

1) Fully completed

2) Have descriptive employement instead of CEO, Sr. V.P., etc. And add more positions that describe exactly what you do in your company, especially if you are an entrepreneur or self-employed

3) List your websites and blogs with keywords instead of  the standard default of ‘website‘ or ‘blog’.

Take a Look…..

Social Networking – Is it working for you?

Phone Message Machine 640x480 300x225 Social Networking – Is it working for you?Remember ‘back in the day’ when you came home from work and saw that flashing light on your phone.  It was a message!  Maybe it was from your mom or a friend, but it was fun to listen to their messages. 


Today, fast forward, we have what is now called Social Networking.  This is the most popular way to communicate with family and friends.  You can send messages to people that live in other states or miles away to countries around the globe.  Sharing today’s moments, inspirations, activities, photos, interesting links, videos and so on.


It is the biggest craze since the telephone was first discovered! 

 And now, Social Networking is actually becoming a wonderful marketing tool.  It is a great way to ‘indirectly” let others know that you have a business, product or service.


Remember though these are Social Networks and nobody wants to be SOLD to.  So then you say  . . . WHAT?!!


How can this be a marketing tool if I can’t SELL?  The quick answer to that is – you should never sell to anyone!  Today’s marketing is all about building relationships.  Let people find out who YOU are and then they will venture on to see what you might have to offer.  Creating that relationship will bring you success over and over again.


The days are gone when you could knock on some ones door and say ‘would you please buy my latest product’ – Today you will probably get the door slammed in your face.


Consider this ….. a well thought out and implemented social network will knock on doors for you through the internet.  The number of doors you can knock on each day can be hundreds to thousands!  This gives you a greater opportunity to meet more people in a shorter time period.  And why is that important?  Time is money …. and your marketing efforts through social networking will start actually paying you an income!


The top 3 social media sites you should focus on, in my opinion, would be FaceBook, Twitter and Linkedin also with a good business blog that will act as your ‘hub’. 


So when you decide to build your social network, join FaceBook, Twitter and Linkedin or any other of the Social Media sites you may choose — just remember to keep it ‘social’ and low key.  Share some interesting & helpful information, build a relationship, friendship that can later work into being the right time to share your business, product or service.


How many social media sites is your business connected to and how are they helping your business?