Is Follow Friday Hurting Your Online Marketing Efforts

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A topic that has been going around for a while now ….
The pros and cons – here is my take.


As a Twitter user, you’ve likely seen the “Follow Friday” hashtag (#FF) being used left, right and center.  If you’re new to Twitter or haven’t gotten around to delving into the meaning behind this symbol, then here’s a quick recap for you: the Follow Friday hashtag is used when you want to recommend a friend or colleague to your Twitter Twitter Follow Friday Hashtag Is Follow Friday Hurting Your Online Marketing Effortsfollowers.

The ultimate goal of using Follow Friday is to get your readers to follow the friend, or at least check out what they have to say.

However, in recent months, there’s no denying that Follow Friday has become extremely popular, if not overused altogether.  Many online marketers are comparing it to Twitter spam, as it’s far too easy for people to blatantly plug other people and services with just the stroke of a few keys.

I myself would have to agree with this assessment – I think the Follow Friday hashtag has turned many Twitter updates into spam messages, which isn’t exactly something followers want to see every time they log onto Twitter.  I’d even venture to say that Follow Friday could be hurting your online marketing efforts, as followers are quickly starting to associate this seemingly innocuous symbol with pushy sales pitches and thinly disguised attempts to sell stuff.

However, that doesn’t mean I think you should never recommend a friend’s services or Twitter page to your readers – rather, I believe it’s more important for online marketers to give personal recognition when its well and truly due.  By reducing the amount of Follow Fridays on your Twitter profile, the likelihood of your readers to actually follow your recommendation increases exponentially – after all, if you’re sparing with your recommendations, then it really must be good!

So what do you think?  Do you think the Follow Friday fad is over?  Or are there better ways to recommend other Twitter profiles to your followers?

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  1. Lynn Brown says:

    Thanks Burl for showing an example which will be helpful for others. I agree, it is about recognizing your follower which in turn will create a continuing connection. However, hashtags are a way to get more visibility and attract more followers. I think there are some folks that go a bit crazy with those hashtags and that can be distracting.

    Appreciate you stopping by today and offering your tips and advice. Looking forward to you visiting again real soon!

  2. Burl says:

    Great point! When I ask my followers to follow someone else, I try to give a reason. It could be simple like “@LynnBrown tweets links to incredible blog posts! You should check her out!” (Yes, I know you are @learnit2earnit but you get my point.) Not sure why,but I am somewhat anti-hashtag. I am sure they can be useful, but I don’t like them. When I read a tweet, I find them distracting. Keep up the great work! Love your writing!

  3. Lynn Brown says:

    I’m with you on that Samantha, recommending one person. Although I have been giving out some hastags to recommend my new followers. Especially if they are within my market niche and I know others would appreciate finding out more about them. Appreciate you sharing your insight as it seems to be a discussion we will continue to have for a while. :)

  4. I loved this reflection, Lynn! I’m glad you brought up the discussion and encouraged others to think about it. I think that the #FF is just one tool, but we shouldn’t stop there and think we did enough if we truly want to recommend someone. I continue to send #FFs, but more often than not, I try to stick to recommending just one person and using a phrase to describe what I love about them! =)

  5. Lynn Brown says:

    Not horrible at all Adrienne! Just honest and we can see that there are advantages to giving recommendations or recoginizing others, but having a specific day or hashtag may not be appropriate for most. So I appreciate your candor.

    The way you introduce people and connect others with each other is a wonderful idea and great way to network. Glad you stopped by to add your tip and advice. This will certainly be something that others might want to consider doing as well.

    Thanks again for visiting, you always put a smile on my face Adrienne!

  6. Adrienne says:

    This is probably going to sound horrible of me Lynn but I’ve never been a big fan of follow Friday much for the reasons you mention here.

    I remember it starting out and picked up steam rather quickly. Then there were messages going around saying that you should include why you want your readers to follow someone. Well for those who have thousands of followers, taking the time to recommend a lot of people personally is not easy.

    So what I do instead is introduce people to each other from time to time when I think they might like learning more about each other or reading their content. I must admit I don’t do it often enough but I don’t spend a whole lot of time on Twitter either.

    You definitely made some good points here so I will have to agree with you. Not a big fan!

    Enjoy your week Lynn and thanks for this post.


  7. Lynn Brown says:

    Yes that is true Roberta, the ‘inside language’ is the overwhelming piece to social media. Everyone has their slang of features or techniques that they use, so it can make it even worse!

    For me, if there are some people I want to recommend or recognize then I will do so any day of the week, not just Friday! This has helped me to build more followers and also gain more connections, contacts and even clients.

    Still it does depend on the business and their goals … not all social sites are for all companies or businesses and there are plenty of successful businesses that are not on Twitter. I can see your eyes rolling Robertsa lol :)

  8. I never understood what it was so never really followed. Aside from that Twitter says I am out of balance so it does not allow me to follow anyone.
    Lynn, there are so many inside languages in social media that many people like me who are just there, never quite understand so either totally ignore or blindly follow.

  9. Lynn Brown says:

    LOL, love your terminology Hajra, ‘Twitter Stalking’ and I bet there is a hash tag for that :)

    You make some very good points. And I believe using Twitter for business has to have a strategy plan that includes sharing recommendations and #FF can be one way to do that. I have been involved in some of the Friday Follow’s on others blogs as you mentioned Hajra. I guess it all boils down to what and how we do our marketing will depend our our goals and what we want to accomplish. The tools are secondary but nice to know how to use these tools in a more purposeful way.

    Appreciate your wonderful insight Hajra and glad that you stopped by today!

  10. Hajra says:

    Hey Lynn,

    I would agree. Though there are a lot of people who use #FF but how many actually follow you through it. Personally, I don’t. Not that I don’t love it. The attention is nice but I wonder how many actually follow me because someone recommended it. There has to be a reason. What some blog owners do is have a follow friday series; where they actually introduce a person for the friday and give you reasons why you should stalk them on twitter! :)

    That sounds more reasonable than regular twitter stalking! :)

  11. Lynn Brown says:

    I appreciate that Cindy and am glad that the information is helpful. I have gained some very good connections and contacts through some Follow Friday links. And you are right, you can spend too much time on any of the social sites. Really imperative to keep a schedule and set priorities. When you do get more active on Twitter, I think you will see how you can gain more visibility and make some really good connections.

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, you have a good weekend too!

  12. Lynn Brown says:

    I agree PeggyLee, it seems a good thing really never stays good, at least with Twitter :) But I will say I have met new contacts and connections through the #FF, follow friday. You can pretty much tell the twitter ‘spammers’… you know those icon’s that are the white egg? lol

    Appreciate your sharing your comments PeggyLee and look forward to staying connected with you even on Twitter :)

  13. It’s a nice shout-out, but who really clicks through those links anyway? I mean of true entrepreneurs; yet, I guess that’s the point, isn’t it? I didn’t know what #FF was until about a month ago, using it as complimentary and appreciation. Always sad when a nice idea or a good one is ruined by the bad apples. Something to think about for certain before I do #FF again, although probably won’t deter me enough to stop altogether.

  14. Cindy Murphy says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for the heads up in my learning more about Follow Friday. I have been on and off of Twitter but don’t really utilize it as much as I should. it seems as if all these social networking platforms keep one busy, almost to the point of not having time for much else.

    I will take a look at Follow Friday to see what you mean. It’s my goal to make Twitter another source for my business and appreciate your knowledge.

    Have a great weekend,