Top 5 Tips On How Much Time To Spend on Social Media

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If there ever was a good question, this is one of them
.  I am asked this question a lot.  It would be nice if there was a quick and simple answer.  But social media isn’t about ‘quickness’ as it is an important tool in building your business community.

I wanted to share 5 top tips that have helped me and I think will help you too:

  1. Networking  -  Think of it as a social party!  Although you can’t talk to everyone, online gives you an advantage bar none.-

  1. Content really is still King  -  Creating content can be very time consuming if you let it.  Managing a schedule for your blog or site content is crucial.  As your business grows, this is a task that you may consider to outsource.-

  1. Be Social Smart  -  After trying to keep up with so many social platforms, I learned quickly to shave it down to 2 or 3 platforms where I get the most engagement.  Just be sure it is your target audience and you will commit to good quality interaction.-

  1. Top of your List  -  While it is easy to get busy with other day to day tasks, if you set aside time for social media and make it a priority, you will reap the benefits it will bring.-

  1. Have Fun!  -  When I started social media I was too serious.  As I started to be myself … more people engaged and it became fun.  If you make it fun, you are more likely to stick to it.

One thing is certain, spending time on social media strategies will reap real benefits for your online business success.  How are you scheduling your day for your social media platforms?

To your continued business success!

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  1. Lynn Brown says:

    Appreciate your comments, thank you for sharing your insight.

  2. It is interesting – very interesting. It’s going to be a tough, uphill climb for Google in competing with Facebook for the king-of-the-social-network-hill. If their social network has some sort of competitive niche (in facebook’s case, it’s public sharing and apps) then they might be actually able to find their new project a win.

  3. Thanks for share this nice information….

    This is important, don’t forget that we live in the world where info quickly enhances the quality of our life. Make use of the Internet and search for income opportunity you need this type of info.

  4. Lynn Brown says:

    Oh yes, Mayura, I call it social media madness! It most certainly can kill productivity as you mention. So having a daily schedule and sticking to it is key. I also appreciate you sharing your insight of how social media builds connections. From there it is up to the business or company to maintain their audience attention, needs and wants.

    Social media is a platform, not a magic bullet. It is a tool to be used wisely and effectively for your specific business purpose. Thank you very much for stopping in today and sharing your thoughts. Hope you will visit again soon!

  5. Mayura says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Obviously content matters :) That’s what people always looking for. Isn’t it true we are now in information madness? ;)

    After trying out popular networks and few more others, now I’ve find out which works for me. Absolutely we should not waste our time on which not work for us. It’s killing productivity. But we’re not machines. However wherever we are, we have to be ourselves as like we behave in front of friends. At first social networks are not founded for business. It’s about connecting with each other and building relationships with TRUST. That’s what matters in personal life and also in businesses. Right? :)

    Really helpful facts and I think sometimes social media can kill our productivity if we don’t know how to make priorities with them.


  6. Mika Castro says:

    Thanks for the reply Lynn. It might be a little hard and some big effort to reach it, It is still worth it.

  7. Lynn Brown says:

    Good advice Saksham. Time management is important to keep moving forward, otherwise, like you say, we can freeze up or just procrastinate and get nothing done. Thank you very much Saksham for visiting and adding your voice. Look forward to your stopping by again real soon. Have a great day!

  8. When it comes to social media, content is all that matters! I agree SM is a lil’ time consuming, and to keep going on social media networks we need to manage our time properly or else we will end up doing nothing!!

  9. Lynn Brown says:

    Oh please let me know Adrienne when you share something relating to this topic. I think it is something that needs to be repeated over and over again. Social media overwhelm is on the rise! So sharing things that can help each other to manage and know what works well for others is a good way to help each other through the myriad of technology!

    Always appreciate you stopping in and sharing your tips and advice Adrienne. Have a great day too!

  10. Lynn Brown says:

    You are welcome Andrew. It is always good to hear that the information i share is helpful. I also love all the comments another viewpoints that people share as well. It is a continuing learning experience for sure! Glad you stopped by today and look forward to you visiting again soon.

  11. Adrienne says:

    I totally agree with you here Lynn.

    Some people will say that people ought to stop spending so much time on social media sites. Well if you are there to connect with others then it’s definitely not a waste of time.

    Building relationships is the name of the game. You are right about sticking with just a few that you enjoy and find productive. You can definitely get carried away.

    I was thinking about this just the other day so I may see a post coming myself.

    Enjoy your day Lynn and thanks again.


  12. Andrew says:

    great post, it is very helpful and interesting to know what everybody thinks about something like this. Thank you for sharing this post with us.

  13. Lynn Brown says:

    It is true that we can’t be quick about social media, we can be smart and schedule in the appropriate time that is best for you, your business and your audience. I appreciate you sharing your comments today Perry. Thank you and I look forward to you visiting again soon.

  14. Perry Davis says:

    Hello Lynn

    Understanding that social media isn’t about ‘quickness’ as it is an important tool in building your business community is more important than asking how much time. Your five tips makes it clear to me what needs to be done and not necessarily how much time is spent on social media.


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City

  15. Lynn Brown says:

    There are times I have to spend more time on social media than others, but then that is what I do in order to help my clients. But I also do that same thing as you Lisa, putting time limits which helps to keep my day focused. Glad you shared your comments and experience today Lisa. Thank you for stopping by today!

  16. Lisa Kanarek says:

    I couldn’t agree more about setting aside time for social media. That serves two purposes: first, it ensures that you’ll be involved in social media every day. Secondly, it ensures that you won’t spend all day posting, reading and responding. I set a time limit each day. Otherwise, I’d never accomplish anything. You’re right that social media is fun and it’s easy to spend more time on that than working on important projects. I speak from experience. :)

  17. Lynn Brown says:

    Thanks Holly, it is all about the fun! Enjoy what you are doing is so important each and every day. Sounds like you are starting to build your audience and wish you much success. Let me know if I can help. Thanks so much Holly for sharing your comments and look forward to you visiting again soon.

  18. Holly says:

    It’s all about the fun!! Your points are great and I like the idea of fun too!! I am working on my target group.. want to make sure I am fishing in the right pond!!

  19. Lynn Brown says:

    I think that spending a lot of time on social media when first starting out is probably what many of us do. But I agree with you Cindy, we need to focus on growing our business financially which does require balancing our time.

    Glad to hear that you schedule time on your calendar for social media. That is what works for me as well. Thank you so much for sharing your comments and advice. Really appreciate you stopping by today.

  20. Lynn Brown says:

    Yup good point for sure Roy. Appreciate you sharing your words of wisdom today. Thanks for stopping by and adding to the discussion.

  21. Cindy Murphy says:

    Hi Lynn,

    You have great suggestions here. When I first got started, I spent way to much time on social media, interacting, socializing and networking. It helped get my name out there but I wasn’t finding the success I needed to grow my biz financially. Now, I make it a point to add time to my daily calendar for socializing on social media. It’s finding that balance to “do it all” and sometimes we just can’t

    Social media is changing so fast so I like your idea of staying of a few platforms where you get the most engagement and making sure you are connected to your market.

    Thanks for sharing,


  22. These are the questions one must address to determine when to spend time on social media- and to devote time to it. Let’s make sure we don’t devote all our time to social media and fail to pay attention to our own business operations.

  23. Lynn Brown says:

    You make a great point PeggyLee. If we find ourselves ‘hanging on one page too long’ it is time to move on and do something else. Thank you for adding your awesome comments and advice. Certainly adds to the list and helpful to others.

  24. When i began to blog seriously, overwhelm did envelop me; I had to step back and take a few breaths. Now I take a few moments to do what I can and what is most important to respond to. When I find myself hanging on one page too long, I know my mind is wandering and not functioning at full speed ahead ;-) So, I step away for a little break and do something fun ;-) Another great teaching list, Lynn.

  25. Lynn Brown says:

    Well said Kostas. A schedule is key as social networking can literally be the excuse of not getting down to business. So I appreciate you voicing your tips and advice on this topic. Hope you will visit again soon.

  26. Lynn Brown says:

    I agree Jacob, it is fun, engaging and enjoyable. If it wasn’t, then I think the social sites would not be as big and popular as they are. Even though they are used for personal reasons, the business world is finally seeing how social media is key to their business and their success.

    Thank you for stopping by today and sharing your insight!

  27. Kostas says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Time is never enough so it should be used wisely, for that reason we should have a plan for our daily tasks and make a list with our priorities each day. Social networking is a daily task but we spend a lot of time every day and usually not in a productive way for that reason we should always follow a schedule without having distractions…

  28. Jacob says:

    I liked how you said if you we make social media a priority by setting time for it, it will pay off. Unlike other strategies this is fun and engaging.

  29. Lynn Brown says:

    That is a great point Janette … having accountability in your business can really help you stay focused, keep you on track and bring success. And blogging groups are yet another way in motivating you to keep communicating with your audience. I really appreciate you sharing these tips. A great addition to my post and will be helpful to others. Thank you for stopping by today!

  30. Lynn Brown says:

    Thank you so much William for your amazing vision and sharing your own personal experience. This is a great way to share your passion and for others to feel energized and to stay motivated. That is what I practice and preach each and every day. Whether in business or in our personal lives – connecting with others is an important aspect of our inner self.

    I appreciate your warm compliments and support. I am happy to join with you and others that really believe ….’be a giver first’. Your feedback, comments and advice is a tremendous gift that you brought to my site today. I so much look forward to staying connected with you and helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

  31. Lynn Brown says:

    Good way to see it Anthony, it really is like a double-edged sword. Balance always seems to be that important key word in our business. I so much agree with you that quality time on social media is required but also quality time working on our business is a must as well.

    Really appreciate you sharing your great advice and look forward to sharing and learning from each other.

  32. Lynn Brown says:

    I love your statement Tbaoo … ‘the joy of receiving feedback’…. hearing from others is awesome. That means you are doing something to build curiosity and engaging with your audience. It is all worthwhile, takes time, but it is worthwhile! Thank you for sharing your thoughts today.

  33. Lynn Brown says:

    LOL, simply put Roberta! I think finally more and more business owners and marketers are seeing the value of social media for building a successful business. Appreciate you adding your voice today.

  34. Lynn Brown says:

    Working alone is certainly no fun, and I am glad to hear Michael that you took the bull by the horns and turned your energy towards engaging through social media. Sounds like it has helped your business in a great way and i can tell you, if you stay consistent and stay social, you will reap the benefits going forward. So I do hope you will visit again soon so you can share your thoughts and comments.

  35. Lynn Brown says:

    Thanks Anoop for sharing your comments. And appreciate you sharing the link, as ping is a great way to help manage your social sites. Glad you stopped by and will see you again soon!

  36. Lynn Brown says:

    That is a great analogy Amrik, and I am a parent that lives by that advice. Quality is king over quantity. Long gone are the days where marketers could literally grab thousands of followers and then blast their sales pitch.

    Although there is still that kind of mentally happening today, it has slowed and many consumers have rejected that approach. Consumers and clients want to know who you are and what you will do for them.

    So I agree — we have come a long way in a very good direction. Glad to hear that you will be helping businesses determine their strategies. This is an area that is in high demand right now.

    Appreciate you taking the time today to share your comments, tips and advice. I look forward to you visiting again soon!

  37. These are some excellent tips on time management and the use of social media. I have also limited my involvement to my blog and three other platforms….Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
    Pinterest is the new kid on the block but it is so much fun.
    I think my membership in a blogging group (TLC Club) keeps me motivated to post content on my blog at least twice a week. It is great to have accountability partners.

  38. Lynn,

    Great information and guidance for all to have a starting point. Yet, I believe that when you have a site you need to focus daily on responding to each comment personally. So, many people pay others to manage the comments and site. You loose the feel of being involved in building real relationships.

    Yet, people will know if you respond to their comments based on your style of articles. Your branding yourself and must lead by example. Get out and get involved. Remember everyone who visits your site is a possible new friend and in time will be a customer or one to join your membership. Hey, all their contact information is stored on you site. So, get real and start paying attention to us readers.

    You site is the best place that gathers leads for all over the globe. Get good content that focus on our emotions and relate your stories with your passion. You will end up like myself with over 1k people leaving their information for contact from you. Not someone who you pay to respond. Stop using technology to respond and get involved by being transparent. Your business will increase in membership and revenue. I am living proof of that.

    If you just start sharing your passion and relate it to building a business or personal growth. You will catch the attention of countless people. I feel allowing your readers to interact with you, a real person says allot about you having character.

    Lynn, your one of our great visionaries and coaches in this industry. Lets make a difference together and help more people understand what our industry has to offer people who want more than just living life, they want a real lifestyle that only a few of us have achieved.

    Thank you for providing real content that will help all who are blessed to come upon your site. I look forward in learning more about you and your business.

  39. Awesome post, Lynn! I find that Social Media can be a double edged sword if not leveraged correctly. There definitely is a temptation to spend a huge chunk of it doing non-producing activities. We must stay productive and focused and I really appreciate you bringing this all important topic up. I especially like your advice on networking and producing quality content and value! Thanks and look forward to more of your awesome content!

  40. tbaoo says:

    thank you lynn, its amazing that i spend more time spreading the word than writing it. the joy of receiving feedback does make it all worthwhile though, if some meagre amount of money follows then all the better. cheers :)

  41. Any time on social media needs to be part of your promotion strategy unless you are just lonely and need a life

  42. Michael says:

    These are excellent points, Lynn. And for sure, they are some, that I have come to understand only through trial and error. When I first changed over my online activities from mostly SEO to more social activities, I couldn’t imagine how I could possibly keep up with everything.

    Then i realized quickly that spending all my time building backlinks with no real interaction was a very lonely way to work. And I started really concentrating on the more social side of the web. And I got completely overwhelmed. oof.

    But now that I have more of a schedule and I set this activity right at the top of my list, as you suggest, I have found that not only is working on the internet fun again, it works great. :-)

  43. Agreed with all your points, Being on Social Networks teach us many aspects of networking but as you said its impossible to stay active on many of them at once. If you still want to show your presence on many of them without much pain you can use free tools link to update all of them at once.

  44. Great post, Lynn. It reminded me with a very important parenting advise: It doesn’t matter how much time you spend with your kids; what matters is the QUALITY of the time spent.

    I firmly believe that in order to make the most out of every hour spent on social media, business must establish a solid SMM strategy and must have a crystal clear target market definition.

    Once all the puzzle peices are completed, every minute spent on social media will be worthwhile, and as you noted, businesses will “weave” social media into their day.

    We have come a long way in that direction and our goal for next year is to help other businesses get a clear sense of direction as to how exactly to use social media to meet their goals and the specific steps they must take to accurately measure their ROI.

    “After you’ve acquired a following, social media starts to become fun and rewarding”. Nicely put! I couldn’t agree more. Thank you so much for your valuable insights.

  45. Lynn Brown says:

    That was true for me as well Tambre. and I think you make a great point, don’t let social media tasks monopolize your business priorities. It is a balancing act for sure. Thank you so much for sharing your insight on this.

  46. When I first started blogging and being on social media, it was a time sucker. I’ve learned to use strategies like the ones you’ve posted to make the most of it in much less time so I reap the benefits but don’t let it monopolize my other priorities. Great tips!

  47. Lynn Brown says:

    Appreciate your comments Lisa. I like the expression ‘time sucker’! It really can do that if you let it, so the key is to keep track of that time. Glad you agree that having fun is just as important. Thanks so much for coming by today, really appreciate your feedback.

  48. Lynn Brown says:

    How true Mika. Setting up your social platforms takes some time. Building your following, fans and connections can still have a certain time limit each day so it allow the business owner to work on their business in other aspects.

    Appreciate you stopping by and adding your wonderful advice. Look forward to you visiting again soon.

  49. Lisa says:

    Lynn, I would agree not to go over 3 or 4 accounts too quickly. It can be a time sucker and takes time away from creating good content. And yes, having fun helps you to continue the process :)

  50. Mika Castro says:

    Remember, simply setting up accounts doesn’t count as time spent on social media. That’s just the starting point. And, if you only have seven fans, you might need to think about how to increase your following before you set the time clock. After you’ve acquired a following, social media starts to become fun and rewarding.