What Are the 3 C’s of Effective Facebook Marketing?

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Number 3 293x300 What Are the 3 Cs of Effective Facebook Marketing?

3 C's to Effective Facebook Marketing

Welcome Back!  Guest Author:  Ryan Biddulph, RBs Keys to Home Based Success   

Facebook marketing can be broken down into 3 C’s.  

Each C requires some mental discipline. When feeling anxious I guarantee you feel the urge to abandon each positive C and focus on a negative C: Competition.  

You fear other people – i.e. competition – will beat you to prospects so you engage in silly competitive practices like trying to add friends at a breakneck pace or shoving your home based opportunity down people’s throats.   


Forget about the number of friends you have.  Focus on the number of connections you make.  

Be calm. Stick to the 3 C’s and grow your business the right way.   


Your business will grow in relation to the value which you bring to the table (2nd C) and the number of connections you make.  

Engage your friends. Share their content. Comment on their content. Send them appreciative messages. Give, give, give. Connect.   

Each connection you make leverages your presence. Connections spread the word about your opportunity. They might join your opportunity.    

They trust you because you connected with them. You didn’t try to sell them or market something to them. You gained their trust by treating them like a special person and a connection naturally formed.   


What do you bring to the table?

How much creating do you do? How many blog posts or articles have you written? How many videos have you uploaded?   

Authorities bring value to Facebook each day. Help enough people with your content and you become an expert.    


Persistence rules.

Make connections and create content on a consistent basis. Stick with it. Gain momentum.

Eventually you hit Facebook critical mass where prospects find you with greater ease. It seems like each blog post you Share on FB attracts more prospects. More of your connections lead to business partnerships.

When these trends begin to form it’s evidence of a person who persisted with sticking to a few simple steps each day.

You mastered the 3 C’s.

How do you market on Facebook? Please share in the comments section.

Ryan Biddulph helps you grow your home based opportunity without selling or recruiting at RBs Keys to Home Based Success.    



  1. TracyAnn0312 says:

    These is very important in order to get effective Facebook marketing you have. Thanks for sharing it LYn

  2. chanikacha says:

    That’s quite an idea Lynn! We all need this three c’s while we are marketing on facebook. Well facebook is one of the most popular social media and we need to have a huge reputation so that when a client wants to buy from us he/she will no longer have to think that you will gave him/her a bad services.

  3. Hi Krishna,

    Great point….engaging and offering super content will bring you more fans and loyal customers. When you care about offering the best to people, people tend to care about you. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Krishna for you wonderful insight. And I am hoping that Ryan will
    continue to offer more of his awesome articles for me to keep sharing in the
    future. Appreciate you stopping by!

  5. Hi Ryan,
    Nice article. Some businesses use Facebook to sell, but it all starts with 3C’s. Engaging unique content with consistent posts will win the new fans and customers.
    @Lynn thanks for bringing us guest author.


  6. Thanks Tristan I appreciate it! RB

  7. nice article…Facebook is all about those 3 C’s

  8. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks again for extending the opportunity to me. I appreciate you!


  9. Anonymous says:

    Thank you again Ryan for another wonderful post of awesome tips. The three C’s are a great way to remember how to make those important connections on Facebook. I look forward to sharing more information from you real soon!