How to Deal with Facebooks Many Changes

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Social media Facebook Changes 300x230 How to Deal with Facebooks Many ChangesAs online marketers, there’s no denying that we’re required to keep up with plenty of changes.  From the latest advances in software to new marketing trends (video blogging, anyone?), it goes without saying that being on top of your online business means being adaptive to significant change.

But I know that when it comes to experiencing change, there’s one place where we feel more exasperated than inspired.

That’s right, I’m talking about Facebook!

If you invest heavily in your social media marketing like I do, then I’m sure you’ve dealt with the many frustrations that come hand in hand with Facebook’s constant updates and changes.  Just when you think you have a handle on the latest change, Zuckerberg announces that they’re about to make new changes to their social media empire – and you’re left scrambling trying to figure out what it means for you and your online business.

Hey, I’ve been there.  But here’s the key point to keep in mind — these changes are merely superficial.  In other words, the constant Facebook changes don’t affect the fundamentals of your online business.  It provides a platform for your fans to connect and share ideas about your business, discuss the latest industry trends, and even post reviews about your products and/or services.

And no matter how often that platform changes, keeping these fundamentals in the center of your social media marketing strategies will help you adapt to whatever comes your way.

So what’s my bottom line here?  When it comes to Facebook changes, don’t sweat the small stuff.  Keep an eye on the bigger picture, and you’ll welcome any changes with open arms.

How are you handling the Facebook changes or any other changes that come your way in your business?

To your continued Success!

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  1. Lynn Brown says:

    Thanks Mika for sharing your thoughts and comments.

  2. Mika Castro says:

    Still, people should have the choice to keep some features plus there’s danger of scam when facebook is changed so have to set up protetion all over agan.

  3. Lynn Brown says:

    Thanks Bonnie and you know I will keep you in the ‘know’ with any changes, so appreciate your positive support. So now I know what Roy was talking about! Thanks Bonnie, yes, I do remember those games and I am sure they probably have it online as well, lol.

  4. Bonnie says:

    I like your advice here Lynn. As long as the changes don’t involve privacy issues I really have given up caring lol I just do my best to work within the changes and I know that either I’ll catch on to what’s new or some lovely like yourself will write a perfectly wonderful post (or video) explaining the in’s and out’s.

    Roy…LOVE whack a mole games! lol have to know these games from the fair! Plastic Mole pops up through a table with holes and you whack it with a hammer before it pops back down. lol Silly fun.

  5. Lynn Brown says:

    Aww, that is a very interesting piece of advice Roberta. It surely is all about each of us determining what will work for us on each of these social platforms, even Facebook. Thanks so much for adding your wonderful advice.

  6. Lynn Brown says:

    There you have it PeggyLee, very well said. Simply get back to the basics, love that! Appreciate you sharing your insight on this topic.

  7. Lynn Brown says:

    There you go Hajra, I agree with ‘find out what’s right for you’, because these changes can affect a business owner differently from another. Thank you for your good words of wisdom!

  8. Lynn Brown says:

    Thanks Roy! Now if I only knew what game you are talking about, lol!! Always appreciate your great advice :)

  9. Lynn, one thing I have noticed with Facebook, is that just deciding what you can do is more important than what Facebook wants you to do. Its called control and you need to control what you do

  10. Loved this post!! Always go back to the basics… the reasons why you’re on Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter with your business — to attract business! And maybe give a tip or two ;-)

  11. Hajra says:

    FB makes too many changes and you’ve got to stick to it. Find out what’s right for you, what is working and go ahead with it. I think that should be the main motive especially for business owners.

  12. Great advice, Lynn. Focus on the relevant and grow your business. We all have petty, pesky details that arise during the day. FB changes are among them- and thankfully, only come on occasion. Want to get even- find a “whack a mole” game…