One Important Tip On How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

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Traffic to your blog 300x271 One Important Tip On How To Get More Traffic To Your BlogStarting and growing a business – online or offline – can be a difficult and at times, a frustrating process, but it takes determination and the will to go the long haul to get real results.

When it comes to getting more traffic to your blog, going the long haul is one marketing tip that will really pay off.  In many cases, people who are starting a business will get excited at the beginning and establish methods to shout out their startup to as many people as they can, as often as they can, but as time passes the fervor slows. This is where many businesses hit a pitfall.

Simply promoting strong for a short period, a few months or so, and then letting your online or offline promotions and marketing fade slowly will not likely lead to high visibility or search ability.  And it will not produce the results you are wanting or expecting.

When trying to achieve higher visibility and building your brand or making a name for your business, the key tip to keep in mind is the importance of consistency.  Set up a marketing schedule for promoting your business, products and services that lasts over years instead of months.

By remaining consistent in your promotions you will be better able to establish a name, increase visibility as well as enhance your company or business’ search ability on the internet and various search engines.  And when that happens, traffic will be streaming to your site in no time!

Are your promotions and marketing efforts still as exciting as when you first started your business?  Share your comments, strategies and questions below.

To Your Continued Business Success!

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  1. Lynn Brown says:

    Thanks Liane for the positive comments. Whenever we can help each other learn a little more to help us achieve success in our business is what gets me up in the morning! So thank you for your thumbs up and always appreciate your visit.

  2. Liane Markus says:

    Thank you Lynn. I love reading your blogs because I am gaining new knowledge and information from what you are sharing us. Creating traffic may be one of the hardest things that can be done but with the help of this tips, I am sure many will be able to have the traffic that they ever wanted.

  3. Mika Castro says:

    Yes. I used those to increase traffic on our blog.

  4. Lynn Brown says:

    Sounds like you you have a couple of good strategies Mika!

  5. Mika Castro says:

    How about using Link building strategies like blog commenting and profile linking?

  6. Lynn Brown says:

    Getting traffic to your site, offers or events is an ongoing process. I just suggest Mika that you start with one plan to pull in traffic, test it, see how it works for you and your audience. Then build upon that. Getting traffic is all about testing to see what works and making adjustments when necessary. Let me know if you ever get stuck, as I might be able to offer a tip or idea for you.

    Appreciate your comments and look forward to you visiting again soon!

  7. Mika Castro says:

    What you have on this post is very interesting to read as tips are very important to deal with. I hope i can find out how to deal with this easily.

  8. Lynn Brown says:

    Thank you Liane I am glad that this was a helpful tip and relevant tip for you. Consistent quality content is effective and does take time, but will provide success with those that make that commitment. Appreciate you stopping by today and look forward to you visiting again soon.

  9. Liane Markus says:

    The single but great tip that you have mentioned here is relevant and very informative for me. I wonder how you were able to discover this and I really find it relevant and effective.

  10. Lynn Brown says:

    In total agreement with you Adrienne. Consistency in our actions, I like that statement you made. It certainly is the biggest learning lesson I have learned throughout the years and the reason for the success I have so far.

    Your analogy with diet or losing weight is a good one. In fact, I need to be a bit more consistent in that area right now!! So glad that you stopped by today Adrienne and sharing your awesome insight and advice.

    Look forward to you visiting again soon. Have a great week!

  11. Adrienne says:

    I definitely agree with you on this point Lynn.

    I keep telling people that whatever they are doing online they need to be consistent in their actions. It’s like going on a diet and losing a lot of weight. If you aren’t consistent with watching what you eat in order to keep the weight off you’re going to go right back to those old habits.

    Consistency is the key to your traffic, your comments and your business continuing to grow. Whatever methods you are implementing in order to achieve these results, keep it up on a consistent basis and you will definitely be reaping those rewards.

    Thanks for pointing this out Lynn. This needs to be shared often.


  12. Lynn Brown says:

    Awesome analogy Roy! And it is a great way to look at most business owners look at their promotions as climbing a mountain. That makes such good sense …. because you get to the top, then what?!

    Appreciate you sharing your insight and I certainly see how we need to be on the ‘ship’ rather than the ‘mountain’!

  13. Great concept, Lynn. Too many folks consider promotion to be like climbing a mountain- they plan, they stake their points, and then reach the apex. From where they expect o view the vista (competition, customers, clients). Except this assumes that the customers and clients want to climb that same mountain.
    Instead, the process should be viewed as a boat in stormy seas. The job of promotion is to find stabilizers for the boat so that others prefer your ship to the others. You can’t calm the waters long term, just work hard to make your ship stand out as the choice to make the voyage.

  14. Lynn Brown says:

    Thanks Roberta, that is a really good point. It confirms how consistency is so important. Fortunately, with today’s online social media and other ways to build your visibility, it doesn’t take as long. Appreciate you sharing your comments.

  15. Lynn, just an observation on the promotion side. I have evidence that if you stop promoting, you fall back really badly very quickly. Another friend of mine has had the same situation.