6 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong On Twitter

Twitter Common Errors 300x300 6 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong On TwitterWith more than 500 million users, Twitter continues to be a key factor for online business success.


As an active user of Twitter for over two years, I’ve noticed many small business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs not using Twitter to its full advantage.


Social media is a tool used to attract, build and gain visibility for you, your business, products and services.  The same holds true for Twitter.  This social media platform offers a goldmine of opportunity.

If you want to see positive results for your business, you need to learn how to productively use Twitter.  Twitter and social media are powerful ways to build an online presence, instill confidence in your followers and grow connections that will, ultimately, become paying clients and customers.

There are common errors that I’ve seen with Twitter users, which can be easily corrected and will increase your following.


#1 – Duplicate Tweeting
Tweeting information more than once is a waste of people’s time & puts your account in jeopardy of being shut down by Twitter for repeating (spamming) your followers. Additionally, Tweet only when you will be most visible.


#2 – Use Hash Tags With Caution
Hash tags are a great way to link words for a search. When you have more than two words in a Tweet with hash tags, you’re overdoing it and it is annoying. Use hash tags sparingly and only for key points or words.


#3 – Self Promotion Poison
Too much of a good thing can go wrong and so can too much self-promotion. Excessive promotion of your product or service can be repelling to your audience. They want to know what is in it for them, not what is in it for you. Don’t excessively “Tweet” your own horn! In the famous words of Owen D. Young, “When boasting ends, there dignity begins.”  (Click to tweet)


#4 – Hello? Is Anyone Here?
Neglecting your followers is the quickest way to lose them. When someone reaches out to you on Twitter by re-tweeting your post, video or some of your information and there is no acknowledgement…it implies you don’t care.  Actively utilizing Twitter for your business is a priority. Schedule special time to get this done.


#5 – Complete Your Twitter Profile
You need a complete Twitter profile, with a picture, so your followers know you’re real.  Too many Twitter profiles are incomplete. You need to highlight who you are and what you are all about, according to your industry keywords.  And, don’t forget to smile! First impressions are the most powerful!


#6 – Buying Twitter Followers
Save your time and money trying to buy a following. Chances are good that they will not be with you long because you didn’t lure them in with something that they need. Contribute to the community…slowly introduce who you are and what you are all about.  Before you know it, you will have a loyal group of followers that need your product, service, or who are simply interested in what you have to say.


Learning the correct way to use Twitter for your online business will build the ‘know, like and trust’ among your followers. Utilizing Twitter professionally and productively will not only grow your business community but also allow you to learn how to use a social site capable of providing tremendous results for your online business success!


Please share your comments, experience and suggestions below.


Wishing you the best in everything you do…


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Have You Changed Your Twitter Profile Lately

Time To Change Your Twitter Profile 300x240 Have You Changed Your Twitter Profile LatelyThe more I use Twitter, the more value it brings me and my business.  In this world of social media twitter is a very useful tool.

Maybe I am a slow learner, but I just discovered recently that your Twitter profile is a key component (along with tweets, @mentions and hashtags) to attracting and building your following.

But … how does your profile stand the test of time?  Have you changed your Twitter profile lately?  Heck I didn’t even think that was necessary as I thought I was attracting a good number of followers each and every day.

Except now I have learned that there is a thing called Twitter Bio Optimization.

 Ok … now don’t think this is going to take a lot of work, because I promise it won’t.  But it sure will help you turn your Twitter profile into an attention grabbing, social magnet.

 So what should you do?  Here are 3 things that I changed on my Twitter profile and am seeing huge results ever since I made these changes.-


#1 – Profile Picture

Believe it or not, having a real photograph of yourself is key to people that come to your Twitter account.  This gives visitors a real face and helps establish a rapport with followers when they are checking out your Twitter profile.  If you are in business, your profile image will only help to give your business legitimacy.

#2 – Business Info

Use your real name!  I know you have heard me say this before.  Don’t hide behind a user name or alias.  Business people and professionals want to meet others like them and hiding behind an alias just looks suspicious.  Next, put the location of the business. This helps give followers something concrete and be able to relate to you.  
Did you know you can add another URL in your Twitter profile?  Take a look at mine.

#3 – “Bio” Blues
Here’s the tricky part
. You have to create an interesting and engaging bio using no more than 160 characters.  This is where your keywords relating to your business should be used. Be creative in describing the primary purpose of your business.  And also what benefit you will bring to your followers.

These are just a few ways to use maximize your twitter profile. There is no way to get more characters so it is important to get as much information in the space allotted – don’t waste any of it!  It is after all, your most valuable Twitter real estate!

So are you going to run over to your Twitter profile and make any changes?  If you do, please send me a ‘tweet’ and I will be happy to re-tweet!  Share your comments below.

To your continued online business success!

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Increasing Traffic To Your Blog With Twitter

Twitter Following 300x236 Increasing Traffic To Your Blog With TwitterSimply having a blog site to promote your business is not enough to attract and create a successful following. There is a fair amount of legwork that needs to be done to create a piece of internet gold that can help to establish and strengthen your work.

Utilizing various forms of social media is a great way to get your name out there, as well as attract more visitors, readers and fans to your blog and business. It is important to get involved with a number of different social media platforms in order to be successful in this venture, and one of the most important and currently popular is Twitter.

Give these following tips a try for increasing your Twitter following:

1)  Find The Popular Tweeters In Your Niche …. Using the search function of Twitter will help you quickly find those tweeters with a big following.  Start following them, get into the discussions and when they engage with you, it is Twitter gold!  Just one tweet from one of these popular tweeters will put you into the limelight and provide a huge opportunity for others to follow, as they will become aware of your profile.
2)  Tweet At The Right Time … If your business or industry has an audience in a different time zone than you, be sure to tweet during their peak times.  You may want to use a Twitter platform to schedule tweets during the off times if you are not able to tweet at 3:00 in the morning!  Just be sure to check your @mentions first thing in the morning and again later in the evening.
3)  Organize With Twitter Lists … As you start increasing the number of followers and those that you follow, start setting up Twitter lists.  These lists is a great way to focus on specific groups of people, stay engaged with them and never miss important tweets.
4)  Twitter Marketing Tools …  There are all kinds of online tools that can help you streamline your time in looking for and searching for followers.  Check out my video for more tips on this …. Target Market with Twitter Tools
5)  Be A Leader / Be Resourceful … When you share good quality content, links, videos, articles and posts – it is more likely that you will get more people that will want to follow you.  Also, less likely for them to unfollow you!  So don’t tweet every minute with tweets that only have links to your promotions and affiliate products.  Instead, share helpful and useful information for your target market.

Twitter is yet another way to provide links back to your blog, as well as reach a number of individuals you may have otherwise not had access to. Establishing a good following on twitter with intriguing posts is a great way to direct more traffic to your blog and establish a larger group of followers.

Take a moment to explore the platform and look into what “tweets” are the most successful and what members have the highest amount of followers, especially within your niche market. Learn from others to produce the most beneficial usage of this specific social media platform.

How are you using Twitter to increase traffic to your blog site?

Wishing You Continued Business Success!

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Why Do You Want More Twitter Followers

Twitter Follow Button Red Why Do You Want More Twitter FollowersThe question of this post might surprise you.  After all, everyone wants more Twitter followers – it shows that you’re a powerful Twitter user, with plenty of people who are eager to see updates from you.

But that doesn’t necessarily answer the question – and if you want to be a successful online marketer, you need to answer that question.

So as a successful online marketer, why do you want more Twitter followers? It’s about so much more than seeing those follower ‘numbers’ grow in leaps and bounds – it’s about knowing what to do with those followers once you have them.

With that in mind, it’s time to come up with a list of reasons why you started using Twitter in the first place.  As an example, here’s what my list looks like:

  • I want to increase awareness of my brand.
  • I want to promote my services to pre-qualified traffic.
  • I want to drive traffic to my blog.
  • I want to reach out to peers in my community to share knowledge.
  • I want to be seen as a leading expert in my industry.

This list could go on, but the point here is this: once I know precisely what I want to do with Twitter, I’ll have a better idea of what to do with my followers.  That in turn gives me a better answer to the question, “Why do I want more Twitter followers?”

Once you define what your Twitter goals are, you’ll have a better idea of what you should tweet – and your Twitter account will start to become more accurately aligned with the overall goals of your online marketing business.

I would like to hear from you … why do you want more Twitter followers?  Please add to my list and leave your comments below.

To Your Online Marketing Success!

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Recognition Tweets Matter For Twitter Marketing Success

Social Media Marketing 300x225 Recognition Tweets Matter For Twitter Marketing Success


As a Twitter marketer, what do you think of when you think of your fellow marketers?


You probably think that you need to do your best to avoid mentioning any of your competitors – after all, if you mention your competitors, you risk having your readers run off to see what they’re all about.


What if I told you that mentioning experts in your industry – even your competitors – is one of the sneakiest ways you can become an expert online marketer?


It’s true – and I’ll show you why:


CREDIBILITY:  Recognizing an expert or competitor by using the @tag will establish you as a credible marketer in your industry.  After all, canoodling with the experts is a great way to make yourself appear on par with them – and if you’re associating with your competitors, your customers will certainly come to regard you as a confident marketer.


VISIBILITY:  Using the @tag also establishes a significant amount of visibility for you.  Let’s say you recognize an expert in your industry in a tweet.  Suddenly, that tweet appears on their Twitter feed – and you’ve just exposed yourself to a whole new base of pre-qualified readers.  It’s a sneaky way to steal readers who are guaranteed to be interested in what you have to say!


When it comes to Twitter marketing, recognition tweets matter.  So don’t keep your accolades to yourself – spread the wealth and increase your readership!


What do you think?  Are you creating credibility and visibility through your tweets?


Wishing you a highly successful day!

image002 Recognition Tweets Matter For Twitter Marketing Success

Is Follow Friday Hurting Your Online Marketing Efforts

A topic that has been going around for a while now ….
The pros and cons – here is my take.


As a Twitter user, you’ve likely seen the “Follow Friday” hashtag (#FF) being used left, right and center.  If you’re new to Twitter or haven’t gotten around to delving into the meaning behind this symbol, then here’s a quick recap for you: the Follow Friday hashtag is used when you want to recommend a friend or colleague to your Twitter Twitter Follow Friday Hashtag Is Follow Friday Hurting Your Online Marketing Effortsfollowers.

The ultimate goal of using Follow Friday is to get your readers to follow the friend, or at least check out what they have to say.

However, in recent months, there’s no denying that Follow Friday has become extremely popular, if not overused altogether.  Many online marketers are comparing it to Twitter spam, as it’s far too easy for people to blatantly plug other people and services with just the stroke of a few keys.

I myself would have to agree with this assessment – I think the Follow Friday hashtag has turned many Twitter updates into spam messages, which isn’t exactly something followers want to see every time they log onto Twitter.  I’d even venture to say that Follow Friday could be hurting your online marketing efforts, as followers are quickly starting to associate this seemingly innocuous symbol with pushy sales pitches and thinly disguised attempts to sell stuff.

However, that doesn’t mean I think you should never recommend a friend’s services or Twitter page to your readers – rather, I believe it’s more important for online marketers to give personal recognition when its well and truly due.  By reducing the amount of Follow Fridays on your Twitter profile, the likelihood of your readers to actually follow your recommendation increases exponentially – after all, if you’re sparing with your recommendations, then it really must be good!

So what do you think?  Do you think the Follow Friday fad is over?  Or are there better ways to recommend other Twitter profiles to your followers?

Make it a highly Successful and Profitable Day!
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Twitter Marketing Tips How to Get Thousands of Followers

Tweet Twitter Follower 300x200 Twitter Marketing Tips How to Get Thousands of Followers
When it comes to twitter marketing
, your success is embedded in your ability to attract thousands of followers to your Twitter profile.  However, you don’t need to cross your fingers and hope for the best to get boatloads of followers – just use these Twitter marketing tips and techniques!

Use Short URLS

Want to post a link to your website or blog, but don’t want to waste your valuable character space?  Here’s a simple solution: use an online tool to shorten the URL.   I like http://bit.ly, since it keeps the history of all the links you shorten, which is a major bonus if you’re a busy online marketer!

Make People Think

Ask powerful and thought-provoking questions.  Once your readers start to comment, engage them in conversation – you’ll soon have a Twitter profile filled with great dialogue.

Be a Useful Commenter

Twitter just isn’t a one-way street; if you want people to actively engage with your profile, then you’re going to need to leave thought-provoking comments on other profiles as well.  Engage in conversations between yourself, the profile user and other Tweeters.  Your comments should interest others, which will lead them directly to your own profile.

Be Informed

If you can, try to find out everything possible about all of your followers.  Obviously this is downright impossible if you have thousands of readers, but when you’re first starting out, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with your fans.  Find out their interests, likes and dislikes.  This can further help you to fine-tune your profile so that your readers can’t go a day without reading your updates.

Now that you have the goods to become a successful Twitter marketing guru, it’s time to claim your title as the social media leader in  your niche!

What are you doing to attract and build your Twitter following, please share your ideas below.

Wishing you and your business much Success!

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Social Media News: Twitter Has New Image Photo Feature

There it was
, a little message from Twitter a couple days ago.

When I started to write a tweet for the day, a little message popped up

about the new Twitter image feature.

Twitter message for new image feature 300x217 Social Media News: Twitter Has New Image Photo Feature
Of course I had to check it out.  I wanted to share with you how this can be
very helpful to you and for your business.
The example below is a image I created with my JING account.  Jing is a wonderful little tool
that sits on my desktop.  It is similar  to doing a ‘screen shot’ butTwitter Image Feature 300x162 Social Media News: Twitter Has New Image Photo Feature much, much better.

One of my twitter friends wanted to know how to leave a Linkedin group.  I was able to share this image (right) along with a tweet.  He was so happy to learn that in almost a split second, that he re-tweeted to his friends.  Soon there were more tweets and it spread like wild fire – that is another reason why I like Twitter so much!


So next time you are on Twittergo check out the little image icon.  Give it a try.  And in fact, send me a TWEET with the  image you are sharing, would love to see how everyone gets the hang of this.  It really is easy & fun!

Want to learn more about how the Twitter image came to be?  CLICK HERE

If you get stuck or not sure how to use this feature, please let me know.  I will be happy to help you out.

Wishing you and your business much Success!
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btn in 20x15 Social Media News: Twitter Has New Image Photo FeatureConnect with Lynn Brown – View my profile

Target Market With These 2 Twitter Tools

Marketing Tools 265x300 Target Market With These 2 Twitter Tools Part of building a successful online business is to continually learn about your target market, your competition and when it comes to Twitter, who is following and who is not!

Twitter has become one of my favorite social media platforms.  It is a social site for family and friends, celebrities and politicians, but it is also a huge resource of information for building a successful business!

I stumbled upon these two Twitter tools that I am finding very valuable and wanted to share them with you.

Not only can you find out who is following you (or not) on Twitter, but you can research your target market and your competition.  This information is important for understanding your audience, current trends, what others are doing in your market niche and so much more.

FriendorFollow -  Find out who is following you, who is not and who are mutual friends!

FollowerWonk -  Target Market with your keywords, find other Twitter profiles and more!



Let me know if you found these tools to be helpful for you and your business.  And please, leave your comments below and share this post with others that might find these tools helpful.

Make it a profitable and successful week!

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Twitter Tip for Targeting Your Local Market


Twitter Bird 150x150 Twitter Tip for Targeting Your Local MarketTwitter is growing leaps and bounds.  With now over 200 million users, Twitter continues to be an important tool for small business because of its real time platform, the ability to find new leads, build relationships and as an overall way to cost effectively market your business.

  Twitter Tip:  Advanced Search

 Use Twitter Advanced Search  and find people in your area talking about your topic, keywords or in your target market.  Get into the conversation, build connections and ultimately drive more traffic to your site.
Twitter Advanced Search 1024x752 Twitter Tip for Targeting Your Local Market

Example for Twitter Search



Stacy shows (above) how you can simply enter information using the ‘exact phrase’ and ‘near this place’ form fields. 

You will get results like this (below):

Twitter Advanced Search Results 1024x600 Twitter Tip for Targeting Your Local Market









Thank you to Stacy Kinney, Social Media and Online Branding Expert.  I applaud her commitment to provide helpful and easy to understand tips and advice contributing to your online success.  Stacy and I met on Twitter!  We made a connection and built a solid business relationship.  We are an example of how Twitter brings people together socially and for making awesome business connections as well. 

Let me know how you will implement this tip into your current marketing or if you have already been using advanced search – would like to get your feedback and comments below.

Have a productive and successful day! 

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Want To Know How To Use Twitter For Your Small Business?

Tweet on paper sm 150x150 Want To Know How To Use Twitter For Your Small Business?Recently, Twitter turned 5 years old on March 21, 2011, and is continuing to grow, boasting over 200 millions users.

But how can Twitter be used to promote your small business?  Whenever I suggest to my clients that they consider using Twitter to promote their business, most crinkle their nose, wondering why and how Twitter will benefit them and their business.

Here are 5 important reasons why you should be using Twitter to promote your small business:


PROMOTING YOUR BUSINESS – This may seem obvious but just how you promote your small business on Twitter is what most business owners have trouble doing. 

Think about it as if a customer walked into your brick and mortar store.  Wouldn’t you want to make the best impression every?  So why not ‘tweet’ about your company and let your audience know your values, benefits of you and your company, special events or even pointing out special awards or promotions. 

Tweeting about your company gives it a more of a human face which will bring interest and curiosity for people to want to learn more.  Add your link to your site or to your About page and make sure your site is always asking your visitor to take action – whether its leaving a comment or subscribing to your list.

BUILDING CREDIBILITY – The more you discuss goals for your company, the benefits of products or services will provide your customers, the more your visitors will feel comfortable to learning more.   

Share insights, opinions and answer customer questions.  Tweet links to articles or posts that you find interesting to help your customer understand your market.  Let them know when you may have been recognized in your community.  Consider recording a welcome video that your visitors will be curious to know more and share that link to your site.

LISTENING TO YOUR AUDIENCE – Twitter is a great research tool.  If you spend time just listening to your clients and potential customers by reading tweets in your market niche.  What are they saying?  What are they wanting?  Will give you tremendous about of information to learn more about your customers and be able to recognize their wants and needs.

Listen to your competitors and what they are tweeting about.  Follow Twitter trends or hot topics, listen to what people are tweeting about that may affect your business.  Get people to offer their opinions or ideas. 

GROWING YOUR FOLLOWERS – Finding others to follow is easy when you use Twitter’s search tool.  You can search for specific areas such as your home town, county or state.  You can search for specific topics, key words or market niche. 

Jump into conversations that are relevant to your business or market niche.  Participate in the conversation with good content and then ask for them to connect with you on Twitter.  Once you build a connection on Twitter, be sure to ask to share your Facebook and Linkedin sites.  As you continue to build your social network relationships, suggest guest blogging or sharing links.  Others will recognize your connections and will want to start following you based on your interactions with others.

Connect with other experts or professionals in your market niche.  Connecting with like minded people that are in similar fields or business is a great way to share business ideas and information. 

ADD SOME FUN – It shouldn’t be all boardroom stuffy!  Twitter is a great way to share business related jokes, quotes and to share motivation and inspiration.  Get out of your marketing shell and be yourself!  Your followers will get a better feel for your business personality and will want to connect and interact with you.   Share quirky content, comment on new market trends and share funny videos to lift someone’s day.  You will be amazed how others will respond and want to connect with you.

How are you using Twitter for your small business?  Please share your ideas and comments below …..

Have a productive and successful day!

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Twitter Basics -Tip#5 – Success with Twitter

Twitter Diploma 270x270 150x150 Twitter Basics  Tip#5   Success with TwitterTaking the next steps towards using Twitter as part of your online marketing plan may seem like taking a leap into the unknown.  I promise that if you make an effort at setting up your account properly with a well thought out profile, start finding your followers, being consistent in tweeting and responding to your followers, you will build important connections and an attraction of visitors to your site.  Consider Twitter your Social Traffic Tool. 

You may find it awkward at first using Twitter, but I promise after a few short days you will see how easy Twitter is to use and navigate.  Soon you will have others wanting to follow you.

If you belong to groups on Facebook or Linkedin, these are great places to look for those to build a following.  Remember never to spam or go overboard on only promoting your products or affiliate products.  People want to know who you are and build a relationship that will benefit you both.

I hope my final video will offer you a short blueprint to get you going.  Jump in and have some fun!  If you have questions, suggestions or comments – please feel free to let me know.  Wishing you and your business much success!

Twitter Basics-Tip#4 – Design Your Background

Twitter Background 150x150 Twitter Basics Tip#4   Design Your BackgroundJust like your blog or website, you can design a theme for your Twitter page. This is especially important in keeping with the consitency of your brand, business or product. There are all kinds of custom backgrounds you can purchase or have made for your Twitter account.

When you are starting out, I suggest you stick with the ‘free’ backgrounds that are offered by many sites. Or you can use the background designs that Twitter offers right on your account.

This video will show you how to navigate to a couple of the sites where you can find some ‘free’ cool looking backgrounds. Let me know if you found this video to be helpful or if you have any questions, ideas or suggestins. I hope you have fun desiging your page!

Twitter Basics -Tip#3 – Twitter Talk

Tweet on paper sm 150x150 Twitter Basics  Tip#3   Twitter TalkWhat is so cool about ‘tweeting’?  You may think Twitter is just for kids chatting to their friends.  While that is true, today Twitter has developed into an amazing online marketing tool.  If you are considering starting or growing an online business, Twitter is a social media site that is a very important piece to your marketing plan. 

So what are Tweets?  They are the short messages (only 140 characters) you send and receive on Twitter.   Once you have your Twitter account developed with followers, connections and tweets, you will see just how great Twitter can be for your online business.  Imagine if you had a following like Ashton Kutcher who now has over 6 million followers!  When he tweets, it is a powerful network to get his message out. 

I hope you find this video to be a useful Twitter learning tip.  Please leave your questions, offer suggestions or share your comments – the more we learn, the more success will follow!

Twitter Basics – Tip#2 – Find Your Followers

Twitter Bird 150x150 Twitter Basics   Tip#2   Find Your Followers

...ask them to Follow you!

As with every social media site, you want to build and ’connect’ with as many like minded people as you can.   Building the connections brings more awareness about you, your business, products and services.  This is a great way to establish some alliances, JV partnerships and referrals which help each other build our business on a strong relationship based platform.

Twitter calls your connections, ‘follower’s.  You start by ‘following’ people that you would like to get to know, those that are in your market niche, or friends that want to stay current with you and your business.  The more followers the better right?  Well not so fast.  Twitter will actually shut you down if you are ‘following’ too quickly.  Why?  because they feel you could be spamming people which they do not like at all. 

Provide good valueable information to your followers so they will refer you to others and so on.  Keep who you are following and those that follow you ratio under 105%.  That is a general rule that I have seen in my Twitter accounts which won’t interrupt your twitter account.  Whenever you follow someone, always ask for them to follow you back!

 I highly suggest that you utlize Twitter just like any other social media site.  Socialize with your followers that is meaningful which will make them want to return and keep tweeting and retweeting. 

My video below will take you through the steps on how you can find followers on your Twitter account.  Please feel free to ask questions or leave suggestions …..

Twitter Basics-Tip#1 – Your Profile

Twitter Bird Wink 150x150 Twitter Basics Tip#1   Your ProfileWhen setting up your social media sites, consistency is key.  Your image, profile, contact information, etc. should be relatively the same so that your visitors will recognize you, your business and products.  If you make your visitors confused or wondering if you are the same person or business they want to follow, you risk the chance of them never coming back.

Keep your profile interesting, using your keywords and creating attraction or curiosity with your visitors.  This is a chance to give a brief description of you and your business that will leave an impression.

The following video I take you step by step on how to set up your profile in your new Twitter account.

0 Twitter Basics Tip#1   Your Profile<

Twitter Basics – Set Up Your Twitter Account

Twitter Bird 150x150 Twitter Basics   Set Up Your Twitter Account

As social networking is becoming more and more important to your online business success, Twitter is a social media site that should be an important part of your internet marketing plan.  

I put together this video to take you ‘step by step’ to set up your Twitter account in a matter of minutes.  Although, be prepared with what you will name your account, which of course should reflect your business niche.  Your profile will also be an important part for others to find you.  Twitter limits you to the number of words you can use in your profile.  So carefully select the words and keywords that will reflect you and your business. 

Please let me know if this video was helpful in learning how to set up a new Twitter account.  Leave any questions you might have the comments section below. 

0 Twitter Basics   Set Up Your Twitter Account 

P.S.  Once you have your Twitter account up, please follow me www.twitter.com/learnit2earnit and I will be sure to follow you back! 


Quick 3 Tips for Getting Started on Twitter

To Tweet or Not To Tweet ….. that is the question!For many of you reading this you might feel overwhelmed when it comes to understanding Twitter and how it can help you to build your online business success.

Twitter Bird1 150x150 Quick 3 Tips for Getting Started on Twitter

Twitter for Your Business

Answer the following questions


  • Are you building or growing an online business?
  • Looking to brand awareness for your business, product or service?
  • Selling other peoples products as an Affiliate Marketer?
  • Want another way to expose your online business to potential clients?
  • Been trying to generate more traffic to your site?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, well then, you should know that Twitter will be a huge benefit to you and your business. 

Understanding Twitter and how you use it will give you confidence to include Twitter in your social media networking strategies. 

So how do you get on Twitter, set up an account and start tweeting about your business? 

Here is my quick 1 – 2 – 3 Get Started Now Tips:

  • Setting Up Your Twitter Account

When you post something on Twitter it is called a “tweet”.  Tweets are limited to only 140 characters.  This keeps the communications short and to the point.  Unlike other social media sites where you can almost write a novel to send to your clients or potential clients.  In today’s hurry up society, short messages are generally more desirable.

An important area to spend time on is your profile.  Twitter keeps your profile ‘bio’ limited to only 160 characters (including spaces).  Keeping your bio short, direct, interesting and eye catching is key.  

The location field in your profile might be really important to your business, products or services so be sure to enter the city and state or country. 

Your profile picture should represent you or your company.  So a business photo of you or the founder of the company, the company logo or symbol is the first visual impression your visitors will see. 

  • Finding Your Twitter Friends and Clients

Just like most other social media sites, you are able to add your email lists to Twitter.  Then send an invite to your friends and current clients letting them know you are now on Twitter and you would appreciate them following you. 

Another way to find potential clients or business partners is to use the Twitter search box.  Enter keywords that describe your client’s needs, products or services within your industry.  Then scroll through the list of tweets looking for people asking for help or discussing things about your industry.  By clicking on their name you will go to their profile page.  You can decide if it is someone that you would like to get to know or start communicating with.

When you do find a potential client or another business professional within your industry, you can go ahead and follow them.  Then send them an @ (at message) complimenting them on their profile or offering an answer to their question.  And always ask for a follow back.  They will see your message and if they reply, this is the time to answer back and build a relationship.

  • Tweeting Your Messages

Now that you have followers – send them updates, messages and other information to keep them engaged with you and your company.  Of course, never spam or send so many updates and messages that your clients will start ‘unfollowing’ you.  Remember that social networking is an opportunity for you to build relationships and not to pester or plead for business.

Your messages can include links to your website, blog, videos and any other social media sites.  It is a great way to quickly let your followers know you added a new video, offering a new product or you just posted a great article.  And to keep your followers engaged, include an action statement requesting that your followers leave a comment, share their ideas and suggestions.

Meeting Business People 150x150 Quick 3 Tips for Getting Started on TwitterYou are right if you are thinking that fully understanding Twitter and how it works takes time and effort.  It has taken me many months to build up followers and building relationships that are producing results.  Nothing happens over night, but I enjoy, and hope you will too, the process of getting to know others and how working together builds a stronger business.

Twitter is a social media site that continues to help online business stay engaged with current clients, collaborates with potential partners and grows new client contacts.  Your social networking strategies should include setting up a Twitter account, along with plans to engage with your Twitter followers on a regular basis.  Your efforts will be rewarded with yet another way to increase the potential for profits through the awareness Twitter will bring.

Do you have a Twitter account or will you get your account started today?  Please leave me your comments and if you wish to ask questions or discuss how Twitter can work for you, let me know.

TWITTER BASICS – Step by Step Video to set up your Twitter account