Top 4 Tips To Attract More Visitors to Your Facebook Fan Page

facebook fans 300x225 Top 4 Tips To Attract More Visitors to Your Facebook Fan Page

How to attract more visitors to your Facebook Fan Page?


According to an article published in PCWorld (January 2012), Facebook now has over 1 BILLION users! That’s a pretty incredible statistic, isn’t it? With that number of Facebook users, one can safely assume there are a lot of people that can be potential customers.


Two additional staggering statistics are 67% of B2C companies and 41% of B2B companies have acquired customers through Facebook.


The question you should be asking is, “How can my Facebook fan page successfully compete with all of the other businesses?”


Here are my top 4 tips to attract more visitors and give you that competitive edge:


Plan a Marketing Campaign

The key to this tip is to start with a specific plan. Focus on area of your business, products or services that you would like to highlight and create a detailed marketing plan.  If you choose to undertake this step without a planned process you will lose focus, generating lackluster results in your attempt to attract more visitors to your Facebook fan page or business site.


Determine Your Market

The biggest mistake business owners and marketers make on Facebook is lacking knowledge of or understanding their target market. They send messages that are not niche specific, confusing their audience. Target a specific market niche. You might think sending information to the general population will get you more ‘fans’ but, in reality, it can actually defeat your marketing efforts. So, take the time to ‘niche it down!’


Marketing Budget

If you are a serious business owner or marketer, a strategy worth considering is paid advertising. Facebook ads are a great way to build your fan base through enticing more people to ‘like’ your page (click to tweet). Increasing your fans means more potential customers viewing information you share about your company, products or services. A good rule of thumb is to begin with a low daily budget and test several ads. Facebook ads allow you to target specific groups of people, skills, locations and even income classes. The key is to dedicate funds for marketing on Facebook in your business plan.


Analyze Your Stats

Facebook provides an area called “Insights” that gives you all kinds of information about your current stats. Take some time and analyze these stats. Compare results from one week to another and truly learn what people pay attention to. Facebook makes it easy and breaks it down…from the number of likes, demographics, reach to ‘who is talking about your page.’ This essential information directly relates to your marketing strategies, your business site and what, exactly, your audience wants. Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel! If you immediately respond to these states and make adjustments as necessary, you will create a successful Facebook fan page.


Are you looking for more incredible marketing strategies to expand your business while also creating an additional income stream? Try these four tips first and then get in touch with me with any questions you have…or jump in and join my team today!


Wishing you good fortune & a fantastic facebook fan base!

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Cracking The Puzzle Of Your Facebook Business Fans

puzzle 150x150 Cracking The Puzzle Of Your Facebook Business FansWeb marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs generally agree that Facebook can be of great value. After all, it is a useful tool for branding, creating product awareness and helping to engage your customers.

The largest piece of this business puzzle is the fan. There are basically five types of Facebook fans; and each one needs special attention to keep them engaged.

Casual Business Fan

This Facebook user is not really engaged with you or your product. Somehow they think that just hitting “like” is enough to support you. Sometimes these are employees or friends who want to support you but do not really engage. The way to keep these casual observers is to find a way to get them engaged with various contests or fan recognition projects.

Trendy Fan

This fan will generally like your business or products but they won’t do much more than keep up with all the latest. However, they will generally let you know when your business does something they disapprove of. To keep them you will have to continue to build a rapport with them and engage directly with any comments they leave on your page.

Gamer Fans

These fans will just engage with your Facebook page when there is something to win; or if you are giving something away! They generally will not return to your page unless something new comes to their attention. To keep them actively engaged you will have to make sure you are consistent with your contests. This means announcing new ones as soon as the current one ends.

Pleasantly Pleased Fans

These are the fans that interact regularly with your Facebook page. They can be a great asset because they will keep coming back to talk about their experiences or how pleased they are with the products. They are easy to keep engaged by being engaged yourself. They are likely to share about any information you put on your page.

Hopeful Fans

These fans are potential customers who heard about your page from someone else and stopped by to see what you have to offer. As long as your page is interesting and relevant they will probably stay engaged. To keep them engaged all you need to do is make sure content is fresh and relevant. Make sure it is easy for them to find your contact information. Then be prompt in your responses.

The secret to using Facebook to its fullest is to stay actively engaged yourself. Make sure fans can find what they are looking for and that information is easily available.

So what type of fans does your business attract these days? Share your comments and thoughts below on how you are working to keep your fans on Facebook.

To your continued online business success!

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The Fate And Future Of Facebook

Facebook Question Feature 300x159 The Fate And Future Of FacebookIf you can make it through your day without hearing the term Facebook, you are most likely living a very secluded life. Even if that is the case, your smartphone won’t tolerate that level of isolation for long.

 Assuming however, that you are leading a normal life, just how bored with Facebook are you? As difficult as it is to admit, there aren’t many Facebook users who, at one time or another, haven’t sat anxiously in front of their computer waiting for someone to “like” their latest post.

As with all things in life, once the novelty has worn off, we find ourselves drifting back into a productive routine. Yes, we are bored with Facebook, but the social giant certainly has a place in our lives.


Facebook changes will certainly bring with them, a renewed interest in the service. Users will come, and users will go. That is how it works.


Why just today while surfing the web, I stumbled onto this article and  which only confirms my thoughts of the future of Facebook,

So have you been using Facebook less and less for your business?  Please share your comments below.

To Your Continued Online Business Success!

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Best Practices For A Successful Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Become A Fan 300x159 Best Practices For A Successful Facebook Fan PageIt is no doubt as to how the popularity of Facebook has taken over various online communities and even how the business world works.  And just recently, a new feature has been introduced, the Facebook Timeline wherein profiles and fan pages were given a complete makeover.

As a business owner, you might be wondering how you can take advantage of this feature to gain more connections and fans.

Take a look at some of the tips below that will work for you and your new Facebook fan page.

* Set your brand apart -  Come up with your fan page cover image that will catch any user’s interest. We all know how images can greatly affect a Facebook page or profile. Users love to see something that is new and unique, and you should give them just that. Make sure that the image represents your brand or service, at the same time making it as catchy and as interesting as you can.

* Complete your About area -  This section of your Fan Page is an important feature.  The information you share will reflect your business purpose and benefits to your potential clients and customers.  Make sure to include links to your sites so that your fan’s can discover everything you have to offer.

* Start online discussions, and participate - One of the best ways to catch a fan’s interest is to post interesting updates on your timeline. You can do this by asking a question wherein they are urged to take action and give an answer. As soon as someone responds, make sure that you give full attention to it to stimulate the discussion. This also gives them the feeling that your business takes time to communicate with them as consumers, which is actually a good strategy.

* Upload videos  – Another tool used for viral marketing would be videos. People love to see and watch anything that moves, and of course it should have something that catches their interest.

There are many more areas of your Facebook fan page where you can be creative, interesting and attract visitors to Like your page and become a fan.  Key is to be consistent with good content and always be available to your fans.


What other tips can you share that are working for you with your Facebook Fan Page?  Please share them below…..

To Your Continued Online Business Success!

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How to Deal with Facebooks Many Changes

Social media Facebook Changes 300x230 How to Deal with Facebooks Many ChangesAs online marketers, there’s no denying that we’re required to keep up with plenty of changes.  From the latest advances in software to new marketing trends (video blogging, anyone?), it goes without saying that being on top of your online business means being adaptive to significant change.

But I know that when it comes to experiencing change, there’s one place where we feel more exasperated than inspired.

That’s right, I’m talking about Facebook!

If you invest heavily in your social media marketing like I do, then I’m sure you’ve dealt with the many frustrations that come hand in hand with Facebook’s constant updates and changes.  Just when you think you have a handle on the latest change, Zuckerberg announces that they’re about to make new changes to their social media empire – and you’re left scrambling trying to figure out what it means for you and your online business.

Hey, I’ve been there.  But here’s the key point to keep in mind — these changes are merely superficial.  In other words, the constant Facebook changes don’t affect the fundamentals of your online business.  It provides a platform for your fans to connect and share ideas about your business, discuss the latest industry trends, and even post reviews about your products and/or services.

And no matter how often that platform changes, keeping these fundamentals in the center of your social media marketing strategies will help you adapt to whatever comes your way.

So what’s my bottom line here?  When it comes to Facebook changes, don’t sweat the small stuff.  Keep an eye on the bigger picture, and you’ll welcome any changes with open arms.

How are you handling the Facebook changes or any other changes that come your way in your business?

To your continued Success!

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Video Button Facebook New Timeline How to Deal with Facebooks Many Changes


Social Marketing on How to Own Your Facebook Newsfeed

Facebook Newsfeed Social Marketing on How to Own Your Facebook NewsfeedJust when you think you figured out Facebook,                  Mark Zuckerberg tosses a new obstacle in the path of social marketers.  And if you haven’t figured out how to master this new change, you might as well kiss your status as an in-the-know marketer good-bye.
That’s right — I’m talking about your Facebook Newsfeed!


In an effort to make things simpler for Facebook users, Zuckerberg developed a new algorithm that determines what friends you follow the most, what stories will appeal to you, and what you’ll be most interested in reading.  However, as well-intentioned as this change was, this means that online marketers are potentially missing out on new updates from their customers (and those updates just might have something to do with your online business!).

So what’s a savvy social marketer like yourself to do?

Adjust your timeline to reflect all your customer updates with the following steps:

  1. Go to your Newsfeed and click on the “Sort” tab.  You’ll immediately be presented with two options: sort by “Top Stories” and “Most Recent”.  If you click on the “Top Stories” option, you’ll be letting Facebook Newsfeed Most Recent 300x119 Social Marketing on How to Own Your Facebook NewsfeedFacebook take the reins in deciding what’s most interesting to you.  Click on “Most Recent” to start seeing an in-depth and chronological timeline.

  1. Mute the people, pages, and applications that have nothing to do with your business (or any that just annoy you!).  Just hover your mouse over the top-right of the update, click on “Hide all by”, and you’ll never have to see those annoying updates in your Newsfeed again.

  1. Manage your Timeline even further by heading to each of your customers’ profile pages and clicking on “Subscribe”.  This ensures that all of your customers will show up in your Newsfeed when they make updates.  It might be a bit time-consuming, but it’s worth it for busy online marketers!

Use these updates to keep your Facebook Timeline recent, and you’ll never have to worry about missing what your customers or clients have to say!

Let me know in the comments below, if this was a helpful tip — or have you been using the Facebook Newsfeed and can share some marketing ideas.

Wishing you a highly profitable and successful day!

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 Social Marketing on How to Own Your Facebook Newsfeed

We do the work for you! In 5 Days or Less, we will ..... Turn your Facebook Fan Page Cover and Profile pic into a marketing and branding opportunity for you and your business. Your fans and potential fans will enjoy instant company and brand recognition.

Includes (1)Cover image and (1)Profile pic appropriately sized to Facebook required dimensions – includes rough draft for your review edits until final approval.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Why Facebook Fan Pages Are Like Having Another Website

Website Traffic small 300x260 Why Facebook Fan Pages Are Like Having Another Website-
What if I told you
that your website could instantly skyrocket your Google Page Rank …

Have unprecedented access to thousands of prequalified customers…

And allow you to tap your customer base for their feedback regarding your products and/or services…

All without paying a single penny for the privilege?

No, this isn’t a fantasy – it’s what happens when you build your online business a Facebook fan page!

If you haven’t already built yourself a Facebook fan page, it’s time to jump on board the Web 2.0 train already!  Social media is more than just a trend – it’s an Internet marketing powerhouse that’s rapidly changing the way we look at online success.  To become a powerful Internet marketer, you need to look beyond the sales to focus on your relationships with your customers – and that’s exactly where Facebook fan pages come in.


So what are some other reasons why Facebook fan pages are like having another website?  Take a look:

  1. Increases Your Exposure.   There’s no denying that Facebook puts your business in the face of millions.  Thanks to pinpoint advertising and powerful keyword usage, you can connect with a highly targeted clientele base.

  1. Connects You More.   You’ve heard that successful online marketing is all about the customer relationship, right? (and if you haven’t, it’s time to start reading my blog articles!-lol)   Facebook is one of the best vehicles for connecting with your customers, and getting to know what they expect from your products and/or services.

  1. Allows For Targeted Marketing.   Want to send messages out to your clients?  Want to let your fan base know about a new promotion?  Not a problem – Facebook allows you to do all of that with free messaging.  With Facebook lists it is easy to assemble your fans into specific groups that is specific to their wants, needs or market.

Whether you already have powerful website or you’re just getting started with your website strategy, a Facebook fan page can give your online business the base it needs to succeed!

What are some of the ways your Facebook fan page has helped you with marketing your business or getting to know your customers and making connections?


Make it a highly profitable and successful day!

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New Product ~ Custom Facebook Fan Page “Billboard” Banner (hint, view presentation for special offer)




A Facebook Mistake You May Not Realize You Are Making

Facebook Fan Page Mistake 300x300 A Facebook Mistake You May Not Realize You Are MakingOkay fellow online marketers, it’s time to get serious about a certain Facebook mistake that I’ve seen made by both beginners and experienced marketers alike.  And if you’re guilty of this, consider this post to be a much-needed reminder.


What’s this Facebook mistake, you might ask?  Simply … it’s oversharing
personal information with your fans and friends.


Here’s a true story:  I’m a fan of a fellow online marketer’s business page (she focuses on coaching).  She’s smart, has a fantastic service and has big goals for 2012.  But you wouldn’t know that by taking a look at her Facebook Fan page.  From political statements about the 2012 campaign to posting poetry about her children, her business page reads more like a testament to her personal life.   I would say that 80% of her fan page is all personal information.

And I have a slight suspicion that it’s definitely affecting her social networking strategies!

Now, you might not be guilty of what I believe to be a marketing mistake – but if you experienced a slight twinge of guilt at the above sentence, then it’s time to look through your Facebook fan page and take a look at just how much you’re sharing with your audience.


  • Do you frequently post about any personal activities?
  • Do you link to articles that might be seen as overtly political or religious in nature?
  • Do you share one too many stories about your family/friends on your business page?

If so, it’s time to pull back your personal info, that is what the personal Facebook page is for.  You might think this is a great way to reach out and connect with your audience, but trust me – oversharing your personal information will drastically affect your ability to convert fans into customers.

Remember, the ultimate goal of your Facebook page is to have your fans see you as an involved industry leader – not as a close friend who dabbles in marketing every now and then.  Engage with your Facebook fans by posing a question that is business related, within your market niche, to get a conversation going.


If you see that you are sharingmore personal information then business with your fans (your Facebook business page), I suggest that you save the family stories and political messages for your personal Facebook page!

Your turn … Let me know your thoughts and comments below.

Make it a Highly Profitable and Successful Day!

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How will the Recent Facebook Changes Affect Your Online Business?

Facebook Frustration How will the Recent Facebook Changes Affect Your Online Business?
There’s a popular saying
that there are only two things that are certain in life: death and taxes.  Well, I’m willing to add another certainty into the mix – Mark Zuckerberg will inevitably change the fundamentals of how to use Facebook.

A few weeks ago, Facebook went under yet another change to its main homepage, throwing the online world into a tizzy.  Online entrepreneurs who were once comfortable with how to use Facebook are now questioning what these new changes mean for their online business – and if these changes make it harder for their clients to stay in touch.

With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at how the recent Facebook changes will affect your online business:

  • First, don’t panic about all the status updates from customers who want to get rid of Facebook.  This social giant has over 750 million users who’ve endured multiple changes to the site – and given its incredible presence in day-to-day life, your clientele base isn’t about to go anywhere.
  • Facebook recently added a ticker to the top right corner of your home page, which updates client activity in real-time.  It’s now become much easier for you to see exactly what your friends are doing, and when they’re doing it – which is something that even the News Feed can’t promise you.
  • Facebook plans to roll out new business-friendly changes in 2012 by giving every business page $50 free dollars to use on Facebook ads.  If you’ve ever wondered if you should give Facebook ads a go, you might want to hold off until early 2012, when you’ll be able to experiment for free.

Facebook will inevitably change its interface again – but it’s clear to see that as Facebook continues to grow and transform, it’s becoming savvier towards its online business users, which represent a large part of its clientele base.

How has the recent Facebook changes affected your business?   Good or bad, share it all!

Lynn Brown Signature How will the Recent Facebook Changes Affect Your Online Business?

Top 3 Facebook Marketing Mistakes – Avoid Them At Your Own Risk

Facebook mistakes social media 300x174 Top 3 Facebook Marketing Mistakes   Avoid Them At Your Own Risk

 If you want to master the art of Facebook marketing, then you’ll obviously need to understand the best techniques out there.  But sometimes mastering Facebook marketing has as much to do with learning what’s considered inappropriate – so make sure you follow these hints so you don’t make a critical mistake:

Have a Life
If you devote all of your time to Facebook marketing, there’s no possible way that you can be interesting to your  readers – after all, you’re not out and about having a life!  Make sure Facebook doesn’t consume your day-to-day activities, even if your fans demand lots of updates from you; the aggravation just isn’t worth it.  Besides, you should connect with your clients in the real world as well as on Facebook.

Avoid Constant Self-Promotion.   Sure, you may think that Facebook marketing is all about self-promotion, but don’t ever forget that  Facebook is a social media tool – therefore, use it for social purposes.  You can insert a few links to your website, but provide your readers with free and relevant information as well.

Use Your Status Updates WiselyIt may be tempting to post the minutia of your online business to everyone in your life, but use  your status updates to provide readers with genuinely interesting and funny updates.  Note: this does not include what you had for breakfast (yes, I’ve seen it before!).

Avoid making these critical Facebook marketing mistakes, and you’ll be well on your way towards dominating the Web 2.0 world.

It’s your turn!  Please add to these top 3 mistakes; what have you experienced that works or doesn’t work when it comes to Facebook marketing?

Wishing you and your business much Success!
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5 Ways to Get Facebook Likes

Custom Facebook Profile Banner thumb 300x300 5 Ways to Get Facebook Likes

Are you having trouble getting people to like your facebook page? 
You are not able to reach potential and current customers unless they like your
page, so how can you get people to “like” you page? 

Here are 5 ways to get people to like your page:

Personal Page set up for a Business

If you are a business that is currently on facebook most likely you set it
up as a business page.  You have probably already noticed that there are
no “like request” buttons but with personal pages there are
“friend request” buttons.  So create a personal facebook page
with the name of your business and start requesting friends.  Once you
have a channel established you can lead them to your business page which you
have customized with all of your Involver tools.

Promote Outside of Facebook

If you are a business on facebook, you probably want to attract new
customers but don”t forget about your current customers.  Your current
customers will also probably be more active on your facebook page which then
creates more promotion.  If you have a location, like a restaurant, let
them know that you”re on facebook.  Make your facebook “like”
buttons accessible on your website. Include your facebook buttons in the
signature of your emails.  Remember everyone loves free stuff, so offer
them something if they like you on facebook.

Free Stuff

Social Media has made it easier for small businesses to reach their
customers but it has also created more competition.  Businesses are
finding ways to attract new customers by using “Daily Deal” sites
such as Group On (in San Luis   Obispo 
Start offering free stuff to people that “like” your facebook
page.  People love free stuff.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a great way to let people know about your business page and
collect “likes”.  You can control Who and When people see your
promotion.  They also promote which of their friends like your business
page, this is important because, if their friends like your page they will too. 
The downfall to this technique is that it costs money but you can closely
monitor how much you would like to invest.

Just Ask

The last tip might seem too simple but it works, just
ask people to like your facebook page.  Of course if they haven”t already
“liked” your page they won”t know your asking, so contact potential
fans on twitter, your blog, and your personal page.

Facebook Like button 5 Ways to Get Facebook Likes



THANK YOU to my Guest Author:  Justin McIntire with SocialXplosion

SXbanner 5 Ways to Get Facebook Likes


Facebook Share Button You Will Like For Your Business

Creating Raving Fans 300x240 Facebook Share Button You Will Like For Your Business
The Facebook Share button finally allows you to direct the posts, articles or videos to your business (fan) page or even to a group.

There has been much frustration with the Facebook ‘Like’ button because when you ‘like’ something it automatically goes to your personal profile page.  While this might be acceptable for some people, if you are a business owner, entrepreneur, charity or group it is not acceptable to have your business ‘stuff’ go directly to your personal wall.

Last week I came across an article from one of my favorite blogging entrepreneurs, Leanne Chesser of WAHM Solution.  She pointed out how she tried to separate her Facebook friends and family from business contacts.  In doing so it created even more of a situation that she wasn’t happy with.  So she actually converted back to having a personal profile that includes all family, friends and business contacts.  (Read her post)

If you have a similar dilemma, I recommend that you run out right now and get a Facebook Share button plugin for your site.  The capability to direct the information you want to share with your business partners, associates, clients, customers or potential customers is something that was a long time coming.  Finally glad it is here!

Are you using the Facebook Share button?  Will you use it now that you are aware of it?  Please share your thoughts and comments, thank you.

OH – and PLEASE be sure to ‘share’ this post with your ebiz friends and groups!

Make it a profitable and successful day!

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P.S. Oddly, my blog does weird things when I try to deactivate my Facebook like buttons – so I will be removing them from my site when I get with my web guy! Cheers!—-

Facebook New Question Tool – Is It Good For Your Business?

Facebook Question Feature thumbnail 260x300 Facebook New Question Tool – Is It Good For Your Business?Recently, Facebook rolled out a new feature “Question” that can be found on your Profile or Home page.  Will it be a tool that is right for your business?

If you ever sent out a survey or wanted to know what your customers are thinking, then the ability to ask a specific question on Facebook will be a huge marketing tool you should certainly take a look at.

I tested out the Question feature and was delighted with the results.  My question was about business logo’s.  The Facebook Question feature lets you list answers for your visitors to vote for or they can also add their own answer. 

Question is a great way to interact with others, build awareness about you and is a great resource for finding out what others are thinking about specific topics.

The following video is a quick ‘step-by-step’ how to get started using Facebook Question:

Let me know if I can help you with your social marketing questions,

Lynn Brown Signature Facebook New Question Tool – Is It Good For Your Business?

P.S.  Thanks to Elizabeth Cottrell, the Facebook Question feature is also available on your Fan Pages too!

Facebook Tip on Linking Your Fan Page

Facebook Fans 300x163 Facebook Tip on Linking Your Fan PageIn keeping up with all the changes Facebook has recently made, understanding how these changes will affect your business is important.

Facebook fan pages are a must for today’s online and offline businesses.  And setting up those fan pages to benefit you and your business is crucial.   

Recently I attended a webinar presented by Cory Shanes, Building a Brand Online.  Cory went over 7 of these changes Facebook has made.   So I wanted to share one of the  them with you and explain in my video below.

Creating Lists on Facebook for Your Online Business

Facebook Creating Lists on Facebook for Your Online BusinessAs you build your online business, Facebook is a marketing tool that should be utilized to the max!  If you want your online business, products or services to have the greatest exposure in a fairly short time, Facebook had better be a huge part of your marketing plan. 

Facebook Lists – As you attract and connect with ‘friends’ on Facebook, sorting them by what type of ‘friend’ they are is critical for marketing your business.  Why? Check out my video ….

Share your ideas and suggestions on how to use your Facebook Friends Lists (comment below)


What Are the 3 C’s of Effective Facebook Marketing?

Number 3 293x300 What Are the 3 Cs of Effective Facebook Marketing?

3 C's to Effective Facebook Marketing

Welcome Back!  Guest Author:  Ryan Biddulph, RBs Keys to Home Based Success   

Facebook marketing can be broken down into 3 C’s.  

Each C requires some mental discipline. When feeling anxious I guarantee you feel the urge to abandon each positive C and focus on a negative C: Competition.  

You fear other people – i.e. competition – will beat you to prospects so you engage in silly competitive practices like trying to add friends at a breakneck pace or shoving your home based opportunity down people’s throats.   


Forget about the number of friends you have.  Focus on the number of connections you make.  

Be calm. Stick to the 3 C’s and grow your business the right way.   


Your business will grow in relation to the value which you bring to the table (2nd C) and the number of connections you make.  

Engage your friends. Share their content. Comment on their content. Send them appreciative messages. Give, give, give. Connect.   

Each connection you make leverages your presence. Connections spread the word about your opportunity. They might join your opportunity.    

They trust you because you connected with them. You didn’t try to sell them or market something to them. You gained their trust by treating them like a special person and a connection naturally formed.   


What do you bring to the table?

How much creating do you do? How many blog posts or articles have you written? How many videos have you uploaded?   

Authorities bring value to Facebook each day. Help enough people with your content and you become an expert.    


Persistence rules.

Make connections and create content on a consistent basis. Stick with it. Gain momentum.

Eventually you hit Facebook critical mass where prospects find you with greater ease. It seems like each blog post you Share on FB attracts more prospects. More of your connections lead to business partnerships.

When these trends begin to form it’s evidence of a person who persisted with sticking to a few simple steps each day.

You mastered the 3 C’s.

How do you market on Facebook? Please share in the comments section.

Ryan Biddulph helps you grow your home based opportunity without selling or recruiting at RBs Keys to Home Based Success.    


Facebook Quick Tip: Personalize Your Facebook Fan Page URL

www. domain 150x150 Facebook Quick Tip: Personalize Your Facebook Fan Page URLPersonalize your user name for your Facebook fan page, especially if you have a common name like I do (Lynn Brown!) … It will make it so much easier for your friends, fans and customers to find you.

Your default web address for Facebook looks something like this - 
Mine now looks like this:

Just follow these easy steps to personalize your Facebook URL:

1.  Visit

FaceBook Custom URL screen shot 1024x497 Facebook Quick Tip: Personalize Your Facebook Fan Page URL

2.  Find your Fan Page by clicking on the drop down box under Page Name

3.  Select the Fan Page you wish to change the user name

4.  Enter your desired user name.  Note:  Facebook does NOT allow you to change or transfer your user name.  Once you set it, that’s it!

5.  Facebook will search to be sure the user name you desire has not already been taken

6.  A screen will pop up for your review (as seen here)

FaceBook Custom URL Availability 300x225 Facebook Quick Tip: Personalize Your Facebook Fan Page URL

7.  Click on the CONFIRM button to finalize your new Facebook user name

Now this gives you a reason to contact all your current subscribers and customers to let them know how easy they can find you on Facebook now.  A great way to add more ‘fans’ to your business page!

Let me know if this tip was helpful or if you have any other Facebook tips to share!

Facebook: Group Page vs. Fan Page

Beach on computer making money online 150x150 Facebook: Group Page vs. Fan PageFacebook is growing leaps and bounds.  Although it started out as a way for college kids to share info with each other, it has now turned into a huge platform for many different social purposes.

The profile page is your personal information that you wish to share with family, friends, coworkers, etc.  Sharing your favorite books, movies, musics along with where you are from and your current city you reside.  Sharing personal information with family and friends on Facebook is easy and more fun than email.  Sharing photos and videos has exploded within the last few years. 

Now more than ever, small business and large business are seeing how important it is to have a presence on FaceBook.  A marketing tool that has increased awareness for consumers but also gives them a way to interact with these companies.

So the big question still remains today ….. do you want a Group or a Fan Page.

The following is from a post I received last year from Spencer Spellman …. and he says it best:

Facebook Groups are good for narrowing in on interests. If you’re a part of an organization in a city, you can use a Facebook group for promoting upcoming events or post relevant topics that members would respond to. Although groups can be used for conversation, they often become more of an brand identity, rather than a place for dialoguing with other group members.

Facebook Fan pages on the other hand, although they sound like groups, are actually much different. Fan pages allow the same type of interaction as group pages but with much more options for customization and personalization. Similar to group pages, a Facebook Fan page has a wall and can have a discussion board, but it can also have much more, like Facebook applications, flash and html code. Because of the flexibility of using html code, fan pages can be customized to look similar to a web site. Although fan pages often are pages devoted to a particular athlete, actor or hero, they are quickly becoming much more than that, with pages for marketers, realtors, magazines and writers.”


Does this help to take the confusion out of deciding Group vs Fan Page?