5 Steps to Craft Out An Amazing Thought Provoking Newsletter

Writing Articles 300x187 5 Steps to Craft Out An Amazing Thought Provoking NewsletterIf you’re a netpreneur, chances are that you want to reach out to new customers, stay in touch with old ones and also win more targeted prospects.

During the years, I’ve found out that newsletter is a great way to increase sales and it’s possible if it’s written in the right way.

A newsletter is not meant to promote your products or services– which is where most people get it wrong. It’s supposed to inform, educate, and inspire the reader. If you want more people to subscribe to your list and also get more targeted prospects, you have to change the way you write your newsletter; that is, if all you do is promote your product or services rather than educate your readers).

New startup firms and even corporate B2b companies are beginning to understand the importance of newsletters, that is why most of them outsource it to a newsletter writer.

Most people think writing a newsletter is difficult which is not. In fact, It’s the easiest thing to do. All you need is to follow the principles.

I’m writing this to help you know the stages in crafting out a superb newsletter.

There are steps you must follow to achieve that.

Step 1#: Know your audience

It’ll be foolish to start out in writing a newsletter without knowing who you are writing to. One thing you must be careful of when writing a newsletter is the reader. Get to know who they are, the things they love most, and their challenges.

Get their opinions- get them involved and always show your personality when writing.

The mistake a lot of people make when writing a newsletter is trying to hide ”behind the trees” which is wrong. They need to know who you are and you must be willing to show yourself up by letting you author personality shine at all times.

I have some niche blogs that I started recently. One of the things that has grown my readership base on these blogs is the way I carry myself and also make them know that I’ve faced the same kind of challenges they’re facing. In fact, most times I refer them to the solution that solved my challenges which makes them love me the more.

The only way to grab the attention or make a reader want to read more of your writing is when you write more in a personal way. Let your writing flow and with time, your readership base will skyrocket!

Pro Tip: Stay consistent and pay attention to what your readers need. ( That’s the key).

Step 2#: Have a detailed and strategic plan.

A man with a plan is a man that has direction, who knows what he’s doing and where he is going. It will be stupid to start up a newsletter without knowing why exactly you’re starting it, your reason, and what you want to pass across in your letters.

Create a newsletter for your readers and don’t do it just because your competitors are doing it, but do it because you want to educate your audience.

Pro tip: Take a pen and a biro and write down your goals… how and when you want to be sending emails to your readers and the things you want to be communicating with them.

Decide if you want to send an email monthly or weekly. Decide what you will be writing about– sales, industry news and so on. One thing you should be careful about is to stick to what you write ( Very important). Don’t beat around the bush.

Don’t educate them today and tomorrow you’re pitching your product or services. You won’t achieve much success with that.

A man with focus and direction is bound to go far in life. … Daniel Adetunji


Step 3#: Promote your newsletter in the best way you can.

First of all, you need people to read your letter and your aim should be to attract more targeted prospects. The only way to achieve this is to promote the best way you can.

Pro tip: Place in a sign in box on your blog and encourage visitors to sign up for your emails. Promise them quality materials and ensure you strive to fulfil your promises.

Another way to do this, is to get a card and print in it, your website Url.

Also ensure you promote and push through social networks. Create a page and a Facebook fan page and ensure you post frequently. Invite your friends and top professionals in your field. That way, you will easily get more prospects who will be willing to give you their emails.

Step 4#: Explain to them the benefits for signing up with your newsletter.

Another good way to get more people to sign up for your newsletter is by telling them the benefits of signing up with you. Tell them the kind of up to date information they’ll receive and the kind of free offers they will be exposed to.

Step 5#: Be active and take advantage of social networking sites.

The web is changing and new things are evolving, therefore it’s very important you move with the ropes.

Ensure you push your newsletter across top networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Invite more friends and connect with as many people you can. If you do this, your results will be unlimited and with time, you’ll begin to see an increase in your list.

You have it!

Common tell me, do you have any ideas or tip to add to what’s in here in this article? If you do, let me know in the comments…



Daniel Adetunji is an 18 year Old Freelance Writer. He’s also an Avid guest blogger who is currently for hire. He’s also the CEO of Infowland.com. To see more quality articles like this or want to know more about him, visit: infowland.com

Four Ways To Improve The Quality Of Your Article Resource Boxes for Successful Article Marketing

Writing Articles for Article Marketing thumb 150x150 Four Ways To Improve The Quality Of Your Article Resource Boxes for Successful Article MarketingArticle marketing provides huge benefits for your business.  Publishing unique, quality content that is informative and helpful topics related to your market builds your reputation and branding your business.  Other benefits of marketing your business through article marketing are ‘back link building’ and ‘traffic generation’.  Both of these benefits will find success when you include a quality article resource box when publishing your articles.

Just as the quality of your articles is important, so is the resource box.  The main point of article marketing is to lead your readers to your resource box and catch your readers attention to click through to your website.

These are a few ways to improve your resource box and improve your results:

1.  Links x 2 – Your site URL and Keyword Phrase

By adding a link to your site (e.g., www.yourdomain.com) and a link to a keyword phrase greatly improves your readers clicking on one of your links.  Both links need to be hyper-linked and always test to be sure they work within your article.

2.  It Isn’t About You

Sorry to hurt your ego, but your readers are looking for good quality content.  They are looking to solve a problem.  If your resource box only talks about you and your ‘resume’ accomplishments, it doesn’t offer your reader value or reason to stay.  Instead, let them read all about you in your About Me page on your site, and focus on the benefits that reflect what your article is about.  Offering a free report or video to grab their attention is a great way to get your reader to start interacting with you.  They will be more likely to subscribe to your list, pay you a return visit or even refer and share your site with others.

3.  Keep It Short

The format of your article should be short paragraphs making it easy for your reader.  So your resource box then shouldn’t be a novel.  Try to keep your resource box verbiage to 100 words or less or 3 sentences.  If you are using your keywords, you can provide the same attention grabbing sentences and accomplish your goal of getting your reader to click on your links.

4.  Leave Them Wanting More

Just as your article title is important to grab your readers’ attention, your resource box should get your readers excited to want to read more from you or to interact with you and visit your site.  Your final sentence should let them know what they will gain that they currently don’t have.  For example; if your article is about obesity, then your resource box should tell them when they click your link they will learn 5 tops tips to healthy eating.  Anything that will leave a lasting impression or to get your readers to interact is key.

These are just a few simple techniques you can implement right away to improve the conversion rate on each and every article that you publish.  Not only will your articles build keyword rich back links to your site, they will also drive targeted traffic.

Let’s hear from you …. What has worked for you when publishing your articles?  Please add to these tips, leave your comments, ideas and suggestions.

Wishing you a productive and successful day!
Lynn Brown Signature Four Ways To Improve The Quality Of Your Article Resource Boxes for Successful Article Marketing

Drive Huge Amounts of Traffic to Your Site with Article Marketing

Writing Articles 300x187 Drive Huge Amounts of Traffic to Your Site with Article Marketing

While it’s true that your online business needs traffic to your blog or site, it is also true that article marketing is an extremely effective way of increasing the amount of visitors to your website.  Good quality articles provides a way for you to communicate aspects of your business, products or services.  They also allow you to build curiosity and get your reader engaged which is an opportunity to building relationships with your audience.  So lets look at how you can increase awareness, sales and profits with a article marketing.

Here are some things to consider for successful article marketing:

Know The Article Directory Submission Guidelines

This is an area that most business owners will not check out before submitting their articles.  If you don’t understand the submission guidelines, you will become frustrated when your articles are not approved.  Little things such as required number of words, paragraph formatting, even grammar and punctuation are areas that will not get your article approved.  So know what the article directory is going to require for you to submit your article.

Profile and Author Bio – Get it Right

You can make it or break it when if comes to perfecting your profile.  Most article directories require a profile or ‘author bio’.  This is an opportunity to tell readers who you are without giving them a ‘sales pitch’.  So the tone of your bio is very important.  If you want to convey a sense of professionalism, then give your readers a brief, to the point information of your accomplishments, expertise, knowledge and so on.  If you want your readers to get a more personal connection with you, this is an opportunity to be a little more casual, fun and engaging so your reader wants to learn more about you and your company.

Unique Articles Only Please

More and more of the article directories, especially the top rated ones like eZinearticles, Buzzle and GoArticles have taken the stance that good quality content means no duplication.  Every article should be unique and should be your own!  If you use a PLR (Private Label Rights) service, make sure you check out the company first.  Why use PLR?  You can buy packaged articles that are targeted to your market niche, then you alter them adding your personality and verbiage, just enough to make it your own.  Slap on a good keyword rich title and in minutes you have articles or blog posts ready to be submitted.  A good way to get started if you are new to article marketing.

How are you using article marketing for your business?  Please share your marketing tips and ideas below.

Wishing you a productive and successful day!

Lynn Brown Signature Drive Huge Amounts of Traffic to Your Site with Article Marketing

Making Your Article Popular – Top 5 Tips

Article Popular Marketing 300x450 200x300 Making Your Article Popular – Top 5 TipsArticle marketing is a tremendous way to build awareness about you, your business, products or services.  But how do you get your articles noticed so publishers pick up your article for publication?

I am sharing top 5 tips that will help you create articles to work for you, stand out and give you attention:

Article Marketing Tip #1:  Quality Content

Keep your content interesting.  Always try to answer a question or solve a problem for your reader.  Just babbling quotes or information you copy and pasted from the internet is not going to cut it. 

Each article should be targeted to readers by using an eye catching title with key words that readers and publishers will find.  The title is your first impression, which should catch their attention.  But then don’t disappoint the reader with bad content. 

Always be sure to type your article with good sentence structure, punctuation and use the spell checker!  Nothing is so distracting than poor grammar or tons of misspelled words.  And be sure to keep writing your article as it pertains to your subject. 

Article Marketing Tip #2: Keep Track of Your Statistics

Any marketing technique you implement should always be followed to see what results you are getting.  Looking back at your stats will tell you how popular each of your articles are.  Generally, if you get the most clicks on one of your articles, that should tell you those keywords, in your title or article, are popular and should consider writing another article using those keywords. 

And if for some reason you are not getting any action to your articles, it could be the title is not bringing enough curiosity.  Try writing titles using a question to your audience.  Example:  Do You Want Your Biggest Fear of Success to Win?  Also use titles that give a more specific phrase of what the article is about.  Example:  Top 5 Tips ….   How To …..   Top 3 Reasons To …. and so on.

Stats are a way to measure the success of what you are sharing with your audience. 

Article Marketing Tip #3: Keyword Research is a Must

Keyword research is the most important part of your of your article marketing. 

Using the keywords that people are searching for should be considered as part of your title and sprinkled throughout your post.  Notice I said ‘sprinkled’, do not ‘slather’ your keywords.  Nothing is so annoying than every sentence has the same keywords over and over again.  Plus, search engines will see this as keyword stuffing and give you a negative rating. 

Researching keywords includes staying within your market niche.  Even when your market niche has a high competition and your main keyword may be ‘dog training’, try using a long tail keyword phrase like ‘large dog obedience training’.  Using these long tail keyword phrases as your article or post titles, you are creating attraction for what people are searching for.

Spend the time on your keyword research and you will reap the benefits. 

Article Marketing Tip #4: Submit Your Articles

You spent the time on your keywords and writing some quality articles, submitting your articles consistently is a must.  It will not only bring more awareness about you and your business, but also the publishers will start publishing your articles on their websites.

There are automatic article submitters that will submit your articles to hundreds of article directories.  While these types of software sounds like a real time saver, there are those that question the true value it brings. 

I suggest that you choose 5 – 10 article directories and submit to the same directories on a consistent basis over a certain amount of time.  You can track the stats and determine what results it is bringing to your site.  Testing is a way to find out what articles are working and which ones are not or which article directories get more hits vs. others. 

Of course, if time is a problem, submitting articles is a great task to outsource to a virtual assistant. 

Article Marketing Tip #5: Consistency Always

Article marketing is a tool to increase the awareness about you and your business, right?  So implementing and using marketing tools for your business is so important.  If they are not used consistently, you will not see the results you are planning or looking for.

Writing a couple of articles is just not going to cut it.  Set up your week to write and submit at least 2-3 articles per week.  This really isn’t hard to do.  Search the web for ideas to write about.  Twitter and Facebook are a great place to search for trends and what people are looking for within your market niche.

The more articles you can submit the more momentum you will have in having publishers post your article on their sites.  This means more people will read your article, in turn bringing more traffic to your site. 

One of the main reasons why article marketing failsand people tell you that article marketing doesn’t work is due to the lack of consistency.  Make a commitment with article marketing and you will start seeing results in a very short time.  Of course, article marketing is just one tool in your internet marketing box, but it is a very important one!

After you have been writing articles for a while, you will never stop learning how to write better content articles and execute for a more effective article marketing campaign.  Stay focused on implementing these top 5 tips, and you will give your articles the best chance possible of being republished bringing you and your business lots of traffic and awareness to your site!

Please let me know if this information was helpful and how you will use article marketing for your online business success.

Plug In Your Article Marketing

Plug In 150x150 Plug In Your Article MarketingCan’t find time to write articles and submit them to the article directories?  I have a cool solution for your WordPress blog!

I just discovered that you can easily submit your blog posts as an article to Ezinearticles.com.  Article marketing still proves to be a valuable resource in generating more traffic to your site.  And who wouldn’t want that?!


If you don’t have an account with Ezinearticles.com visit their site and join – its free.  After that, you can install the Ezinearticles WP plugin.  

Follow these easy steps:

  • Go to your WordPress Blog dashboard
  • Under Plugins — click Add New
  • In the Search box — Enter and Search for:  Ezinearticles

WP Plugin for ezinearticles Search lrg 300x128 Plug In Your Article Marketing

  • The first plugin should be ….EzineArticles WordPress Plugin
  • Click – Install Now
  • Follow the instructions for installing the plugin
  • Next – Activate the Plugin
  • Now You are Ready!  Go to New Post….
  • Add your new post, and before you publish….
  • Complete the information to submit to Ezinearticles

WP Plugin for ezinearticles 411x603 204x300 Plug In Your Article Marketing

  • Select your category the best fits the subject of your post/article
  • Your name should automatically be show in the Author box
  • Complete your Resource Box
  • The summary defaults to the first 2 sentences of your post or you can click ‘edit’ and change to use the ‘excerpt’ located under your post
  • Keywords for your article are defaulted to the key words you use for your post
  • Click VALIDATE – this is part of Ezinearticles.com pre-approval process
  • Click SUBMIT – your article is submitted to Ezinearticles for review, within a week you will receive an email notifying you of your article approval.

 If you are posting 2-3 times per week, you could also be submitting 2-3 articles per week too!

I hope this cool plug-in gives you incentive to write quality posts with lots of good content for your audience.  I’m finding this plug-in to be a huge time saver.  Let me know if you are already using this plug-in and how it is helping you – or — If you have questions installing this plug-in, I would be happy to help. 

Be sure to share this with other bloggers too!

Article Marketng: Increase Your Online Sales

Man on computer business marketing 150x150 Article Marketng: Increase Your Online SalesIt’s true what they say, articles do effectively bring you traffic to your site. And the cost is virtually free! It just takes some of your time to write the articles for your particular market niche. Utilizing your keywords will be very important. The Author’s Resource Box is another area that is of importance because it allows you to briefly talk about you and your company, but also a link back to your site. This ‘back link’ is the KEY in getting more visitors to your site, which should equate to more sales and online business success.

So if you have been putting it off ….. don’t! Start today, write an article and submit it to the article directories. Then watch the tracking on your website. If you continuely write and submit articles with your link back to your site, you should even see your ranking increase too. So article writing is still a win, win.

AND …. if you just don’t have the time or really don’t like to write, then consider outsourcing it to either a virtual assistant or you could also check Elance.com or Scriptlance.com, post a project for someone to write articles for you. Whatever way you go – Just Do It!

You may also enjoy my article: Tips on How To Write an Effective Article